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The KuFBag is a reliable, reusable, nylon-fabric restraint designed to enhance the safe transportation of prisoners. Primarily designed to cover the hands and fingers, it accommodates different applications of metal and plastic cuffs, such as black boxes and waist chains or belts. Beginning with the simple design of separate, double-stitched compartments for each hand, the KuFBag uses a combination of heavy-duty, triple lock on a VELCRO strap, VELCRO wrist straps, and heavy-duty plastic ties at the top around each wrist for extra security. Further options can include leg straps and D-ring accommodation of the waist chain or belt. Exceptionally violent prisoners already transported in the KuFBag have simply been unable to escape. These options have been developed by correctional and law enforcement departments. However, for medical treatment, the simplest design is available without the metal options, allowing X-ray and MRI treatments. The KuFBag is washable, re-usable, and a proven enhancement to existing restraints for the safety of first responders (police officers, deputies, military police, and special operations fighters) and corrections officials.

This product can be used by law enforcement, Bureau of Prisons, the military, airlines, bus lines, juvenile detention centers, hospitals, bounty hunters, and immigration officers. KuFBag Inc. provides a restraint system utilized in the transporting of a person from point A to B and beyond. KufBag provides protection and safety for officers, suspects and inmates. The securing of hands for transporting a person prevents the prisoner'sĀ use of hands, which could cause harm. The KuFBag offers humanity towards the apprehended, removing cause of impulsive. It will also decrease attacks against such people following arrest or during transport.

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LockWrite Pen


Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP) is now manufacturing the LockWrite Pen, a patented, two-in-one piece of police equipment that is a fully functional writing utensil and a handcuff key of the highest quality.

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Tri-Folds Disposable Restraints


Armament Systems and Procedures has introduced its new Tri-Folds, the toughest, sturdiest, and easiest to carry and deploy disposable restraint in the world.

Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP), one of the most respected names in law enforcement products, has introduced its new Tri-Folds, the toughest, sturdiest, and easiest to carry and deploy disposable restraint in the world.

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Product From Milspec Plastics

Milspec Plastics, manufacturer of the patented Cobra Cuff announcethe new XTREME Zip Ties which can be folded for storage and double locked for pick proof security, similar to the Cobra Cuffs but with a single strap. The double lock also serves to help prevent accidental over-tightening during transport of suspects, reducing officer liability. Using the same rubber based polymer;

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G-Tac Restraint Device

Product From G-Tactical

The G-TAC is designed for federal/state/local police agencies/military police/private and corporate security/entertainment and corporate bodyguards/bounty hunters/bondsmen/personal protection experts/corporate executives/martial arts instructors and students and more.

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ZT60 Tactical Training Handcuff

Product From ZAK TOOL

Chain Link - Nickel




10 oz. (283 grams)





Minimum Opening:

2 inches (51 mm)

Minimum Inside Perimeter:

5.9 inches (150 mm)

Maximum Inside Perimeter:

8.3 inches (211 mm)

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High Security Restraints with Dead Bolt Security

Product From Peerless Handcuff Co.

Peerless Handcuff Company’s high security restraints now available with the new dead bolt Security option. Dead bolt Security compliments the standard lock with an additional locking position for added security. When engaged, the dead bolt feature helps to secure the double lock against brute force and finessed picking and shimming attacks. The dead bolt option is available with new or existing Medeco style key plans in chain link handcuff, leg iron and waist chain models. Other features include improved internal lock mechanism, spun rivet construction and double lock capability. All dead bolt high security restraints come with two keys, a double lock activator, and a lifetime warranty for manufacture defects.

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Hobble Strap

Product From Humane Restraint Co. Inc.

INTENDED USE: Transport: To control movement of restrained person’s legs to preserve the integrity of the automobile as well as the protection of all passengers. Escort: To control the movement of legs when applied just above the knees. Use on arms behind back to restrain arm movement. Use only as specified in the instructions.

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Polypropylene Limb Holders with removable pad

Product From Humane Restraint Co. Inc.

INTENDED USE: To restrict motion of the limbs of the restrained person. Use only as specified in the instructions.

Open restraint completely and lay flat. Put the limb which is to be restrained on the flattened restraint and fold the sides over so the hook and loop are attached. Then feed the strap of the secondary closure through the loop and close the strap back onto itself; fasten securely. Continue by wrapping the long strap around an anchor and feeding through the buckle; fasten securely. 

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Compound Cuffs

Product From Humane Restraint Co. Inc.

Intended Use: To gain quick control of arms. May be used to cuff behind a person's back or to restrain wrists to an anchor point.

Fully open loop and pull tabbed end through D-Ring. Secure one wrist by pulling snug.

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The Sitter

Product From Humane Restraint Co. Inc.

Intended Use: To assist keeping a detainee in a seated position.

Fully open belt by pressing down on spring buckle to release webbing. Loop around waist and pull webbing back through the spring buckle until snug around waist and connect brass eye snap from Humane Restraint Hobble Strap ((HRBS-100).

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