Field training officer training software (FTO System)

Field training officer training software (FTO System)

Field training officer training software (FTO System) Product Image
The Crown Pointe Technologies FTO System provides instant access to FTO documents, and improves reporting accuracy and efficiency. A simple and intuitive interface presents users with only the functions they need to fulfill their role in the FTO program. Therefore, little training is required for program participants to be fully operational in the use of the FTO System. The Field Training Officer System electronically facilitates data entry of such components as: Daily Observation Reports (D.O.R.), Dated Checklists, Weekly Evaluations, Remedial Training Worksheets, Phase Evaluation Reports, Final Evaluation Report, and End-of-Program Critique Forms.

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MILO Range with Kinect for Windows

Product From MILO Range, powered by IES Interactive Training

IES Interactive Training has released the interactive firearms and use of force industry’s first and only training simulator that actually sees and records trainees' physical movements and verbal commands, and causes the system to branch to different outcomes based on those actions. With the MILO Range with Kinect for Windows option added, trainees can use baton strikes, kicks, punches and other physical movements to interact with the virtual world around them. The system changes the scenario point of view based on trainee location in the simulator room, and also responds to verbal commands and responses from the trainee. The system can also be instantly calibrated and operated by voice commands and simple hand gestures, providing fast and easy training sessions. These exclusive features are only available on the MILO Range simulator product line, and offer a substantial technological advancement on this type of training simulator.

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VIRTSIM Motion-Capture Training Software

Product From RAYTHEON

VIRTSIM employs licensed motion-capture technology similar to that used in movies such as "Lord of the Rings," "Avatar" and, most recently, "The Avengers." It is being offered to the law enforcement community as an affordable, 21st century alternative to outdated training practices that do little to replicate real-life situations.

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PowerDMS STANDARDS provides an intelligent approach to the accreditation-management process. Standards manuals can be imported, created, or subscribed to, and furthermore maintained and distributed virtually. Corresponding standards-assessment tasks can be assigned to participants, allowing teams to work together and split the standards-compliance workload to keep progress on track. File cabinets can be eliminated once and for all with electronic file-building and integration with PowerDMS POLICY, by seamlessly highlighting relevant sections of a document, and receiving alerts on updated POLICY documents used as proofs. Additional innovative features include version tracking and remote review capabilities to help further simplify the accreditation process.

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Rope Rescue Field Guide App

Product From CMC RESCUE INC.

CMC Rescue has transformed its authoritative Rope Rescue Field Guide into a full-featured phone app packed with valuable charts, diagrams, and how-to information. Users can even customize this great, easy-to-use app with their own Notes and Favorites for quick reference in the field. It’s free to download for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and a version for the Android platform.

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Bluefire Weapons

Product From Meggitt Training Systems

Meggitt Training Systems BlueFire Wireless Weapon Simulators use commercial wireless Bluetooth technology to communicate with the training system in the same manner as our System Controlled Weapons. For weapons with recoil, this is achieved with a rechargeable magazine of compressed gas. This is significant in that, while not tethered, Meggitt Training Systems BlueFire weapons still retain the full sensor feedback. These BlueFire weapon simulators can be used in conjunction with other System Controlled Weapon simulators without requiring any modification. Meggitt Training Systems has already released BlueFire versions of Chemical Spray, Taser, the Glock 17 pistol, and BlueFire configurations of the Sig P226, Beretta M9, Walther P99, M4 and SRS Rifle (M16 type) simulators.

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The recieving unit of the irTactical system is the irVest. Its advanced features yet simple design allows for fast training with an ultra realistic experience. irTactical has taken a standard MOLLE tactical vest and converted it into a receiving unit for use in irTactical training events.

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Officer Performance Tracker (Annual Evaluations Software)


Officer Performance Tracker is a web-based performance evaluation software designed to manage the documentation of your annual reviews.  Do all of your internal affairs management from one easy to access location.  Enter annual reviews and postive and negative performance with an easy to use system.  Contact us to learn more.  

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Field Training Tracker (FTO Software)


Field Training Tracker is a web-based field training software that helps your agency go paperless with your field training documenation.  Field Training Managers can easily monitor and evaluate evaluations and trends.   This new

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Voxida Voice and Video Recording Software


Call and e911 Center Recording with the Voxida Software Suite: Record, analyze, monitor and report on your digital PBX, VoIP telephone and radio calls with Voxida

Voxida is designed to respond to your demands, accommodate your work-flow and efficiently capture, monitor, report and replay your calls. The primary Voxida Software Suite includes the tools you need to

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Virtual Training Component

Product From CONTROLLED F.O.R.C.E.


The purpose of the Virtual Training Component is to find faster, better, and less expensive ways of delivering information that keeps students engaged in the learning process.

The core of the Virtual Training Component coordinates a variety of technologies, including video game systems, online communities such as the Controlled F.O.R.C.E. SL TrainingCenter on Second Life and the Controlled F.O.R.C.E. Network, video communication tools, and the U.S.N.S.T.A. Training Resource Center.

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