Nightforce Ballistic Program

Nightforce Ballistic Program

Nightforce Ballistic Program Product Image

The Nightforce Ballistic Program includes tools that allow firearms users to maximize long-range rifle accuracy while minimizing time and money spent at the range. Precise bullet drop, lead and windage corrections, even at ranges to 2,000 yards, that otherwise would require many hours and hundreds of shots are quickly and easily calculated. Two versions are offered; one for a Pocket PC and on for Windows. Both versions work in tandem, and can be purchased individually or as a bundle. The program's capabilities include recording and recalling of sight-in data for location and conditions, profiles of rifle/ammunition/atmospheric condition scenarios, all necessary calculations for ranging reticles and much more.

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Bluefire Weapons

Product From Meggitt Training Systems

Meggitt Training Systems BlueFire Wireless Weapon Simulators use commercial wireless Bluetooth technology to communicate with the training system in the same manner as our System Controlled Weapons. For weapons with recoil, this is achieved with a rechargeable magazine of compressed gas. This is significant in that, while not tethered, Meggitt Training Systems BlueFire weapons still retain the full sensor feedback. These BlueFire weapon simulators can be used in conjunction with other System Controlled Weapon simulators without requiring any modification. Meggitt Training Systems has already released BlueFire versions of Chemical Spray, Taser, the Glock 17 pistol, and BlueFire configurations of the Sig P226, Beretta M9, Walther P99, M4 and SRS Rifle (M16 type) simulators.

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XVT Portable Law Enforcement Simulator

Product From Meggitt Training Systems

In today's volatile urban climate, judgmental training is more important than ever in the law enforcement field. Meggitt Training Systems introduces a revolutionary portable system that makes judgmental and marksmanship training more accessible to law enforcement officials than any system on the market.

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eKiosk 4473 Firearm Software


Ushering in a new era of firearms transfer technology, eKiosk by Coloseum Software Corp. enables any Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer using AIMI eBook Pro to have their customers electronically fill out the required Form 4473 over the Internet using AIMIEBOOK.NET. eKiosk technology reduces time spent completing firearms purchases, enabling FFL dealers to manage multiple sales simultaneously.

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Product From FILEONQ

Using the QuartermasterOnQ for quartermaster needs answers, "What does this officer have? Where is this? How many are in stock? When do I buy more?" Law enforcement agencies are discovering the flexibilty and efficiency of using FileOnQ's QuartermasterOnQ to manage their officer issued equipment and even their fleet. The customized homescreen is designed to help track everything from uniforms, vests, and leather gear to weapons and radios. The system indicates whether it is in stock or assigned to a specific officer, while maintaining a complete history of each item electronically and unalterable. These reports are produced with a simple click of a mouse.

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Acadis Readiness Suite


Envisage's Acadis Readiness Suite is an enterprise software application that automates the management of complex, high-risk training environments such as law enforcement, public safety and the military. The modular system architecture allows organizations to customize the software by implementing modules as needed, including Scheduling, Registration, Housing, Compliance, Testing, and Document Management. The optional Acadis Portal Framework allows decentralization of In-service training reporting, class registration, and instructor availability.

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ATragMX software


Military snipers are heading into combat with sophisticated ballistics calculators to help them hit targets at 2,500 yards and beyond. Horus ATragMX software considers atmospheric conditions, gun data, ammunition, range, speed and muzzle velocity to calculate precise aiming solutions with "come-up" results – and even accounts for Coriolis and spin drift effects. ATragMX, loaded on a handheld computer made by TDS Recon, is easy to use and lightning-fast. The Recon meets the rigorous MIL-STD-810F military standard for drops, vibration, humidity, altitude and extreme temperatures. ATrag software is compatible with numerous handheld PDAs and PocketPCs and is also available in professional and sporting versions.

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IES 3D Interactive Cinematic Training Scenarios - 2010 Innovation Awards Winner

Product From MILO Range, powered by IES Interactive Training

IES Interactive Training and Live Sight Target Systems announce new Cinematic 3D scenario training

The Immersive 3D training scenario package from IES Interactive Training is a set of high-quality HD scenarios that have been filmed and rendered in 3D video for use on the IES MILO training simulator product line. Officers wear a pair of stereo 3D sunglasses provided by IES, and are immersed in a 3D training scenario that pulls them into the action. Officers see angles, depth and distance from richer and more realistic perspectives, allowing them to have a more effective simulator training session. This new product from IES is a result of our teaming with Live Sight Target Systems, a well-known provider of 3D targets and training media, and was designed to give officers training on our systems a more immersive and realistic training experience. This product leverages widely popular and proven 3D technology from contemporary media sources like movies and games and brings it into the law enforcement firearms training simulator world for the first time. IES holds an exclusive license for development of 3D training scenarios from Live Sight Target Systems for 3D training scenarios, and is the only authorized provider of this content on firearms training simulators for law enforcement officers. All sworn and armed law enforcement officers can benefit from immersive 3D training scenarios on our simulators, including patrol, SWAT, military personnel and corrections officers.

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RangeMaster Pro II


CornerStone Applications's RangeMaster Pro II firearm record tracking system manages all information relating to firearm training while protecting officers and departments from litigation. RangeMaster Pro II makes it easy to store and retrieve officer, firearm, firearm qualification, maintenance, equipment and training information. Features are custody log tracking, 33 customizable reports, powerful data mining tools and system reminder notices for firearm maintenance, qualification courses, training courses and license to carry permits.

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USB/Aux Media Extender


Designed for the Dodge Charger, FPI Utility or any newer vehicles with USB and Aux Media connectors that need to be extended.

  • PS2-MEDIA2" Fill Plate with 2 Power Plugs, 6' USB and 1/8" Audio extension cables
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Nuix Engine 5.2

Product From NUIX

Nuix, a technology company that enables people to make fact-based decisions from unstructured data, today released version 5.2 of the Nuix Engine and its core eDiscovery and Investigator products. This release includes smarter eDiscovery production and quality control workflows, deeper forensic analysis, support for even more file formats and automated text summarization. It also incorporates technology advances that pave the way for solutions in areas such as cybersecurity and privacy.

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