Equipment decon station

Equipment decon station

Equipment decon station Product Image

DQE introduces the Equipment Decon Station as a comfortable, efficient way to decon first responder equipment after a hazmat incident. The Equipment Decon Station provides a practical solution by moving the decon process from the ground up to a comfortable working height. The station features a non-porous table that allows water to pass through to a collection pool. The table offers a 2-feet by 4-feet working surface and is 36 inches tall. The station consists of the table, detachable legs, three brushes in various sizes, and an adjustable handheld sprayer.

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Fibertect is a three layer, inert, flexible, drapable, nonwoven composite substrate for absorbing and adsorbing chemical warfare agents (CWA), toxic industrial chemicals (TICs), and pesticides. Fibertect is self-contained and packaged for easy use, storage, and transport. Materials used in the outside layers may vary to provide both absorption and adsorption properties and multiple functional uses.

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PCF322 -

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Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion (RSDL)

Product From RSDecon

Law enforcement agencies across the nation training and preparing to respond to potential terrorist attacks can add an effective decontamination tool against chemical warfare agents and T2 toxin to the protective equipment they wear and carry when responding to emergencies.

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Reeves Decontamination Equipment


Reeves decontamination shelter systems and accessories include NBC decontamination equipment and products. Reeves Decon Systems deploy in minutes on any terrain and can withstand extreme weather and temperature conditions. A full line of NBC decontamination equipment and accessories, which range from water heating systems, roller systems and containment berms to patient tracking, lighting and environmental control systems, also compliment the systems.

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BIO-RESCUE All-In-One Decontaminate/Disinfectant/Cleaner/Deodorizer/Mold Eliminator


BIO-RESCUE is a revolutionary product that eliminates/neutralizes a wide range of bacterial, viral, biological and chemical threats--even WMDs.

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Dual tank Integrated System


Allen-Vanguard's decontamination systems apply to a wide range of situations from large-scale incidents to emergency spot decontamination of chemical, biological and radioactive hazards, and in response to accidents involving general toxic substances. The Dual Tank Integrated System on Trailer is a modular, heavy-duty mobile CBRN decontamination system developed for the large-scale decontamination of vehicles, buildings, equipment and terrain. Simple to operate and maintain, it is self contained and carries on-board chemicals, mixing, hoses and nozzles. Using Allen-Vanguard's Surface Decontamination Foam (SDF), it can be set up and operational within 10 minutes of arrival by a single operator and is capable of pre-wash, decon and post-rinse operations. The system can decontaminate approximately 500 square metres per hour.

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Indestructo Decon Shower

Product From DQE INC.

The IndestructoTM Decon Shower is highly break-resistant, and designed to hold up to the most rugged conditions, including field and military response. The Indestructo, from DQE, is constructed of light, strong and break-resistant pipes and fittings with specially designed shower heads used to maximize durability. The shower assembles quickly using quick-connects, and has a fully collapsible design to allow quick storage in an easy to carry vinyl bag. The four shower heads have a total output of 12 gpm. Two wind screens reduce overspray and enhance privacy.

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Mass Decontamination Trailer

Product From MOHAWK LTD

Mohawk Ltd. adds a custom mass decontamination trailer to its existing trailer product line. This unit is designed to work continuously, assisting first responders and other support agencies in responding to incidents involving hazardous materials, chemical or biological warfare agents. This trailer boasts many features including 12 high-pressure shower stations, each equipped with drench shower and three flat spray heads valved to spray either wash or clear rinse water. Trailer access is provided through a single side personnel door with automatic retractable step and three drop-down ramp doors with extending ramps that allow for handicapped accessibility.

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Victim Privacy Pac


The Victim Privacy Pac is designed to streamline a decontamination operation by ensuring victims' essential needs; their privacy, valuables, and safety. The first kit in the two-part Pac provides the victim with a 100% opaque cover garment (color-coded red for contaminated victims) which allows them to disrobe in privacy. Also included are a large and small bag to store contaminated clothing and valuables. The victim can then proceed through the decontamination process. The second kit helps move victims more smoothly and quickly through the exit stage of a decontamination station. The victims can towel dry with three included garment (green for decontaminated victims) and booties. Both kits are contained in individual color-coded bags which feature concise instruction labels.

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The Pro-100 Rapid-Decon Hot Shower system delivers endless hot showers anytime, anywhere and heats in seconds. A control knob adjusts the water with just a twist and is easy to use even with gloves on. The set up is fast: connect to a water source (pumper truck, garden hose or hydrant) and push the "ignite" button. The Pro-100, from, has over 100,000 BTU of power ready for high volume hot water flow. It will handles up to three hot shower heads for multiple decon hot shower stations. It weighs 64 pounds and works with all decon shelters. The hot shower's self-contained design requires no electrical power and a stainless steel construction add durability.

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