TASER CAM - 2007 Innovation Awards Winner: Less-Lethal

TASER CAM - 2007 Innovation Awards Winner: Less-Lethal

TASER CAM - 2007 Innovation Awards Winner: Less-Lethal Product Image

The TASERX26 is an advanced, proven and accountable law enforcement electronic control device. At over 12,500 departments deploying TASER technology, there have been dramatic and consistent reports of decreasing injury rates to suspects and officers. A recent independent U.S. Department of Justice/Wake Forest University study of nearly 1,000 TASER incidents found that 99.7 percent of these deployments resulted in either mild injuries -- scrapes and bruises -- or none at all. The company also has pioneered accountability with its built-in dataport microchips to track the time, date and duration of any TASER use providing an objective self-reporting system to corroborate an officer's report. The optional TASER CAM provides MPEG 4 video of TASER activations. It installs in seconds and requires no tools. The TASER CAM activates whenever the safety is in the off position allowing officers to capture vital information prior to, during and after the potential deployment of a TASER X26 device. The recording is downloaded to a computer via a USB cable and saved in a searchable library.


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ThorShield Electroshock Weapon Protection

Product From G-Squared Consulting LLC

Point Blank Solutions Inc. announced its agreement with G2 Consulting to integrate G2's ThorShield electroshock weapon protection systems line into Point Blank Body Armor and PACA body armor products. ThorShield works by providing a highly conductive specialized layer of fabric that ensures the electric current discharged from the weapon flows through the lining rather than the body. The protective material can be applied to officers' garments and equipment such as body armor, shirts, jackets, training suits, gloves, and hats. Important to ThorShield's design is that it can allow for greater flexibility at less weight, without compromising protection. The lining is breathable and provides the comfort essential to officers in the field.

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UZI Stun Riot Shields

Product From CAMPCO

Features of the UZI Stun Riot Shield:

  • 9 Volt power supply
  • 6,000 Volt to 500,000 Volt Output
  • 3mA Output Current
  • 25 to 40 HZ Cycle
  • Two 9 Volt battery supply
  • Ploycarbonate plate material 
  • Available in Large at three feet tall and Small to protect part of the body or face
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NEW Stun-Cuff Features

Product From Stun-Cuff by Myers Enterprises Inc.

Myers Enterprises, lnc. manufacturers of the Stun-Cuff ECD wireless prisoner control device are in early stages of development for a Stun-Cuff monitoring device and should be available in the next 12-16 months. The device incorporates the Stun-Cuff feature along with GPS and/or alcohol monitoring and voice communications.

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Blackhawk Taser X2 Duty Holster

Product From BLACKHAWK!

The Blackhawk TASER X2 Duty Holster features proven SERPA security, a versatile Mod-U-Lock belt clip that allows easy exchange among officers, and lightning-fast access—cross-draw or strong side to help prevent confusion with primary weapon. The release is operated with the trigger finger as part of a natural drawing motion. The Taser is rocked back to remove it instead of the traditional straight draw.

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Taser X2 Holster


Blade-Tech's Taser X2 Holster is simple, proven and reliable. The rugged X2 holster has the same dependable and easy to use retention mechanism as Blade-Tech's X26 holster. The X2 holster completely covers the trigger guard ensuring the utmost safety. Furthermore, the safety mechanism is automatically re-engaged when the X2 is re-holstered and the security hood actuated. The process is intuitive to those familiar with the Taser X26 holster and thus eliminates any additional learning curve. Blade-Tech's X2 holster has a higher heat temperature deflection than other materials used in most holsters today. This material has no memory loss in high heat temperature climates and is very stable through both temperature extremes. The finish is a textured, non-reflective, matte black, similar to the exterior of Blade-Tech's custom holster line. Furthermore, the holster has solid riveted construction ensuring utmost toughness and eliminates the possibilities of screws and post loosening.

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Bluefire Weapons

Product From Meggitt Training Systems

Meggitt Training Systems BlueFire Wireless Weapon Simulators use commercial wireless Bluetooth technology to communicate with the training system in the same manner as our System Controlled Weapons. For weapons with recoil, this is achieved with a rechargeable magazine of compressed gas. This is significant in that, while not tethered, Meggitt Training Systems BlueFire weapons still retain the full sensor feedback. These BlueFire weapon simulators can be used in conjunction with other System Controlled Weapon simulators without requiring any modification. Meggitt Training Systems has already released BlueFire versions of Chemical Spray, Taser, the Glock 17 pistol, and BlueFire configurations of the Sig P226, Beretta M9, Walther P99, M4 and SRS Rifle (M16 type) simulators.

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EDW Open Top Holster for Taser X2

Product From Safariland, a part of The Safariland Group

Safariland announced today that it has released the Model 5122 EDW Open Top Holster with Belt Clip, an all-new compact duty holster design featuring open top access with trigger guard retention for the recently released Taser X2 electronic discharge weapon.

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X2 - 2011 Innovation Awards Winner

Product From TASER INT'L

Introducing the most customer driven TASER device ever developed. Designed by law enforcement for law enforcement - The TASER X2 incorporates agency's most requested capabilities. A device that's feature rich, simple to use and similar in size to the TASER X26.

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Constructed of clear high-grade polycarbonate, the tip is designed to completely and securely acquire, remove and house contaminated stun-gun darts. Inside the tip is a four-fingered retractable device, a collet, made of extremely strong “Polyglow” and used to grasp the dart(s). Once the handle light is turned on, the collet will glow to assist in locating the X-TRACTOR Tip™ if the tool is set down or dropped in low-light conditions.
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D.A.R.T. Pro Kit


The D.A.R.T. Pro Kit (Dart Acquiring and Retention Tool) - Affordable and effective Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - Easy to use, for left- or right-handed Users - Built-in lighting for lwo-light conditions - Includes evidence labels and bags

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