DV-1 - 5th Generation

DV-1 - 5th Generation

DV-1 - 5th Generation Product Image

WatchGuard’s DV-1 is the In-Car Video system that revolutionized the way police record video. Saddled with hours of VHS tapes and painful court preparation of video evidence, agencies needed a solution that was simple to use and simple to manage.

The DV-1 is a standalone Direct-to-DVD system that requires no backend servers to operate. With advanced video capture, DVDauthoring and burning in the vehicle, the officer’s evidence leaves the car ready for court on a standard playable DVD.


  • Real Time DVD Recording: The DV-1 is the only In-Car Video solution on the market today that can record directly to a DVD in real time inside a moving patrol car.
  • Rugged Design: A system designed with officers in mind utilizing industrial grade components and rubber overmolding for a tough military finish.
  • Record After the Fact: Developed first by WaychGuard Video, Record After the Fact technology will allow you to go back in time, up to 20 hours, to capture video evidence that was not previously recorded. Never lose video again!
  • No Server Needed: Eliminate the need for costly servers and IT support.


  • Overhead Mounted: Fits into virtually every police vehicle made since 2000. Customized brackets make installation simple and easy.
  • Modular System: The DVR and DVD drive are in a separate housing mounted virtually anywhere in the vehicle, with a separate control panel for a simple and easy user interface in the vehicle.



  • Temperature Range (Boot) +10oF to + 167oF
  • Temperature Range (Operational) +19oF to +158oF
  • Operating Voltages 8.5 - 18 volts
  • Current Draw: Operational 1.5 - 2.8 amps
  • Current Draw: Power Off Max: 50 mA
  • Current Draw: Power Off Charging Microphone Average: 250mA Max: 400 mA

Console Options

  • Overhead Mounted Console
  • Dimensions (Total) 5.27” High x 6.0” Wide x 12.81” Length
  • Weight 6.25 pounds
  • Mounting Option Vehicle Specific Brackets
  • GPS Optional (integrated)
  • Crash Detection Standard, 3-axis solid state integrated sensor
  • Additional Input/Ouputs Ethernet, Radar Interface
  • Modular Recording Unit
  • Dimensions (Total) 2.85” High x 7.16” Wide x 11.27” Length
  • Weight 6.5 Pounds
  • Mounting Option Universal Bracket
  • GPS Optional (integrated)
  • Crash Detection Standard, 3-axis solid state integrated sensor
  • Additional Input/Ouputs Ethernet, Radar Interface

Video Recording

  • Number of Cameras Supported 3 (record 2 simultaneaously)
  • Resolutions 720x480 (D1), 480x480, 352x480
  • Frames per Second 30
  • Video Compression MPEG-2 (DVD-Video)
  • Recording Triggers Lights, Sirens, AUX, Crash, Wireless Microphone, Manual
  • Storage Architecture Dual Drive (Patents Pending)
  • Recording Media (Buffer) Internal 80GB Automotive Grade HDD
  • Recording Media (Removable) DVD + RW
  • Pre and Post-Event 15 seconds - 10 minutes, independently configured
  • Redundancy Record-After-The-Fact
  • Hours of Recording 75 Hours Average
  • Video Transfer Types DVD

Audio Recording

  • Number of Audio Sources Supported 3 (2 wireless, 1 wired standard)
  • Audio Compression MPEG multi channel

LED Display Unit

  • Dimensions - Overhead Overhead: Integrated into Overhead Console, Modular: 3.94” Tall x 5.03” Wide x 1.34” Deep
  • Weight Overhead: Integrate into Overhead Console, Modular: 8 ounces
  • Connection Type (Modular) DVI
  • Size 6” diagonal
  • Resolution 800 x 480
  • Illumination LED Backlit, 0-100% dimmable
  • Brightness 330 nits
  • Viewing Angle 140o H and 130oV
  • Typical Contrast Ratio 500:1
  • Keys/Buttons One piece rubber over-molded
  • LED Indicators Power, Menu, Record, Stop, Review, Volume (+ and -), Brightness (+ and -), Cameras (1-4), Microphones (1-4)
  • User Interface Full graphical user interface
  • Mounting Options Overhead: Vehicle Specific Brackets Modular: RAM or Panavise Universal Mounting Options

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In-Vehicle Camera and Black Box - ZFT801

Product From Shenzhen ZhongFeiTong Technology Co., Ltd.


  • 3.0" Touch Screen.
  • 140 Degree Wide Angle.
  • H.264 Format.
  • Night Vision.G-sensor.
  • 12V-24Vide voltage range
  • Glass lens with big aperture to get good photograph effects at night.
  • Wide angle lens to get wide view of the front of vehicle.
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Verus In-Car HD Digital Video

Product From Data911

Data911's new Verus HD Digital Video System is a complete mobile video management solution specifically designed for Public Safety and Law Enforcement agencies. Verus brings you the very latest in-car video technology and is unique in that it utilizes open standards HD/IP cameras and can flexibly support a wide variety of configurations and special uses. Features include support for 6 POE/IP HD cameras, 4 independent audio channels including dual 900Mhz wireless microphones, touch screen control interface software, body worn camera integration, LPR ready, and h.264 video encoding. Verus also supports wireless video file transfer, pre-event recording, system and event triggers, the ability to push software configuration changes and updates to the vehicle from the station, and much more. Data911 provides customer technical support and warranty service through our highly trained staff of qualified technology experts in Alameda, California. 

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Extreme G3 Vision In-Car Video System

Product From Kustom Signals Inc.

Kustom Signals announced today the release of the Extreme option for their popular G3 Vision in-car video system that allows it to operate in the harshest of climates and conditions. Now available with a high security, temperature controlled vault for the DVR and recording media, the G3 Vision with the Extreme Vault option is capable of operating in temperatures between -67°F to +185°F (-55°C to +85°C) – the cold weather operation is nearly 40°F lower than leading competitors. The lockable, stainless steel vault offers unmatched protection from crashes, fire and tampering. It was developed for a national police agency, who experience among the harshest conditions in the world. The vault complies with MIL-STD 810G for humidity, drop, vibration, dust resistance and water resistance and exceeds the standard for temperature. No other in-car video system offers this level of physical protection for agencies’ recorded evidence.

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VuLink In-Car Video Connectivity Solution

Product From Digital Ally Inc.

Digital Ally introduces VuLink, which allows cooperative linking of Digital Ally’s In-Car Video Systems and FirstVu HD Officer-Worn Video System.

Following the launch of its lightest, longest-lasting and most powerful body-worn video system, the

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DVM-800 In-Car Video System

Product From Digital Ally Inc.

The DVM-800 In-Car Video System from Digital Ally provides top-of-the-line capabilities at significant savings, both upfront as well as long-term.

The DVM-800 In-Car Video System starts at only $3,495, which is a minimum of $1,500 less than comparable video systems, and is also available with an additional credit discount for trade-in of existing in-car video systems. The Advance Exchange warranty provides an immediate replacement system should the original system require repairs. Should the department ever want to upgrade to a new model in the future, they may opt for Digital Ally to buy the system back in the future using Digital Ally’s customer loyalty credit “guaranteed buyback program.”

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Google Glass Inegration with CopTrax In-Car Video System

Product From Applied Concepts / Stalker Radar

Stalker Radar announced that CopTrax, its new-generation body-worn and in-car video solution for law enforcement is integrating Google Glass.

Google Glass (styled "GLΛSS") is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display that is being developed by Google in the Project Glass research and development project, with the mission of producing a mass-market ubiquitous computer.Google Glass displays information in a smartphone-like hands-free format, that can interact with the Internet via natural language voice commands.

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CopTrax In-Car Video System

Product From Applied Concepts / Stalker Radar

Stalker Radar announced the release of CopTrax In-Car Video System with real-time streaming video technology to the law enforcement community.

CopTrax uses the patrol vehicle's laptop as the dedicated processor, meaning the system only requires one or two cameras and a GPS antenna. File storage, archiving, and retrieval can either utilize the agency's existing server infrastructure or Microsoft's Azure, an ultra-secure cloud-based storage application.

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VIDTAC Twin Lens, Software Controlled 1080p HD Camera System

Product From Brandon-COPsync, LLC

The VIDTAC in-car camera video system was introduced at the 2012 IACP Conference and Trade show -winning the “Best in Show” Award by Police Magazine.

VIDTAC is a 21st century, revolutionary camera system for policing. It offers the first of its kind all-digital system, eliminating old cumbersome DVR components and hardware. Additionally, VIDTAC utilizes a twin lens camera system: 1080p high definition camera (competitors are only utilizing an inferior 720p quality!) and 5 megapixel still camera.  VIDTAC comes standard with backseat camera and GPS functionality to mark evidence and specific coordinates, as well as automatic recording triggers (lights, siren, speed).  VIDTAC will record 30 seconds prior to the event and 30 seconds post-event.  VIDTAC is compatible with all 21

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DV-1 Wide Dynamic Range Camera

Product From WatchGuard Video

WatchGuard’s new Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) camera handles difficult lighting conditions dramatically better than standard camera technology. The dual scan system generates two separate image exposures for each video frame (a bright exposure and a dark exposure) and then it combines the two images to create one ideally exposed video frame. 

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Evidence Library 3

Product From WatchGuard Video

WatchGuard’s Evidence Library is the backend software that drives one of the most powerful in-car video system on the market. With built-in features to wirelessly configure systems, manage your fleet of 4REs, and build case files using any type of digital document or video, you will find EL3 to be an indespensible resource in your agency.

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