Cut ' Scrape Cleaner

Cut ' Scrape Cleaner

Cut ' Scrape Cleaner Product Image
Safetec of America Inc. announces the addition of Safetec Cut ' Scrape Cleaner to its family of products for infection control and first aid. Safetec Cut ' Scrape Cleaner wipes or sprays clean and soothes minor cuts, scrapes and abrasions, helping reduce the risk of secondary infection while providing quick temporary pain relief.

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Sanosil Hospital-Grade Disinfectant and Halo Fogger Machine

Product From Stop Rubbernecking CC LLC

Sanosil, an odorless, colorless and tasteless formula, is a Hydrogen Peroxide based product that has been proven to kill almost every major bacteria, virus and fungus typically found in facilities with unprecedented success. Sanosil is an EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant that leaves no potentially harmful residue behind and is extremely cost-effective, setting a new standard for disinfectants. Not only is Sanosil suggested for a large variety of uses, the product itself is easy to use resulting in improved occupational safety.

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Biojet Hand Dryer

Product From Southern Police Equipment

Southern Police Equipment is proud to introduce the BioJet Hand Dryer from SpaceLink Corporation to the law enforcement marketplace!

Save Money, Save the Environment, and Improve Personal Hygiene with the BioJet Hand Dryer!

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Drape Long Spit Shield (model 1800L)


Onyx Medical Inc.'s Drape Long Spit Shield, model 18000L, has been designed to protect law enforcement and health care workers from the unwanted transfer of spit, sputum or blood splash. The shield is easy to place over the head, and once in place, the shield is difficult to dislodge. The shield becomes a barrier without creating a claustrophobic environment.  Someone wearing the shield retains their field of vision and can breathe easily. There is not a sense of confinement or restriction that can increase unnecessary reactions.

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Product From Noble Pine Products Co.

With the bedbug epidemic reaching across the US, exposure to bedbug infestations has become a major concern for law enforcement and fire departments.  Because bedbugs reach across all economic and social lines, exposure extends to all who interact in  homes, commercial environments, public transportation, etc.  STERIFAB is perhaps the most unique product registered with the US EPA. As both an insecticide that kills bed bugs, lice, dust mites and roaches, and a disinfectant that kills viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew, STERIFAB is labeled for almost all inanimate surfaces, as well as upholstered furniture, chairs, mattresses, seats, floors etc.  While many bedbug products are showing less effectiveness, STERIFAB has been shown in laboratory and field testing to continue to be effective against bedbugs.

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The Next Dimension Hand Sanitizer


Most hand sanitizers quit after about 15 seconds, when the alcohol that makes up at least 60 percent of the bottle evaporates from the skin. Repeated applications are needed after every handshake and touch on a public door handle, leaving skin dry, rough and cracked.

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Urine Off Odor ' Stain Remover


Essential for law enforcement agents, Urine Off Odor & Stain Remover uses two environmentally friendly bio-enzymatic technologies to permanently destroy urine odor and stains as well as other body fluids, leaving a clean, hygienic surface. Safe for humans and canine officers, Urine Off aids in infectious disease control and is safe for all hard and soft surfaces.

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MyClyns, a non-alcohol containing product that protects first responders from harmful pathogens, can be sprayed directly into the face. MyClyns, made by Union Springs Pharmaceuticals, contains a fast-acting solution with germ-killing action that is safe to use on all mucous membranes including eyes, ears, nose, mouth and open wounds. The MyClyns convenient pen-like design allows first responders to protect themselves immediately after exposure to harmful pathogens even while still caring for those in emergency situations. Since users can protect themselves immediately, they lower their risk associated with prolonged exposure when immediate clean-up is not an option. Independent laboratory tests show that the solution in MyClyns demonstrates a 99.99% reduction in MRSA and many other germs on contact.

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Model 510 Disinfecting Station

Product From Cuff Cleaner Inc.

With its Full Emersion System the Cuff Cleaner Inc. Model 510 Disinfecting Station is capable of accommodating 7 sets of restraints and designed to kill all blood born diseases and remove soiled contaminates. With due diligence now a part of law enforcement, look for this product to become the norm.

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a.b.h.c. citrus scent


Safetec is pleased to include a.b.h.c. citrus scent waterless hand sanitizer in its line of professional hand washing products. a.b.h.c. citrus scent is colorless and joins Safetec's fresh scent Antiseptic Bio-Hand Cleaner which is one of the most effective antimicrobial hand sanitizers used by professionals on the market today. The formulation consists of alcohol and aloe vera killing 99.9 percent of germs in 15 seconds. Use a.b.h.c. to help meet CDC, OSHA and APIC handwashing recommendations. a.b.h.c. is recommended for use by hospitals, clinics, EMT, nursing homes, schools, stores, home or anyplace there's a potential for germ transfer.

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The WETTASK Disinfecting and Sanitizing Refillable Wiping System from Kimberly-Clark Professional, consists of a high-density polyethylene bucket with a patented dispensing port. Users simply insert a dry roll of WETTASK Wipers, pour their disinfecting or sanitizing solution over the wipers to the preferred level of saturation, then thread the wiper through the opening of the container lid, which is closed and tightened, allowing the wipers to be pulled through for one-at-a-time dispensing. The WETTASK Refillable Wiping System helps eliminate the contamination that can occur when soiled cloth rags are reused to wipe surfaces. It also eliminates opportunities for compromising the efficacy of the sanitizer or disinfectant, which occurs when a soiled rag is placed into a bucket containing cleaning solution.

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