Ultra Elite CBRN Gas Mask

Ultra Elite CBRN Gas Mask

Ultra Elite CBRN Gas Mask Product Image
This Ultra Elite CBRN Gas Mask from MSA is designed to provide effective respiratory protection against chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) agents that might be used in a terrorist attack, according to the stringent live-agent test regimen of the NIOSH approval process. Symbolizing safety, simplicity, and reliability, the Ultra Elite Gas Mask joins MSA's family of CBRN respiratory protection products for first responders to any incident, accident, or unknown threat. The Ultra Elite facepiece has been field-proven and trusted to provide an ideal fit, comfort, and value.

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Deluxe Supplied Air Shield/Helmet System for


Allegro Industries' Deluxe Supplied Air Shield/Helmet System for one or two workers provides all-in-one head, eye, face respirator protection against hazardous airborn contaminates and flying debris. The Low Pressure Economy Supplied Air Shield System is available in a low pressure or high pressure model and is perfect for use with grinding, chipping, spray painting and auto body repair. The visor is made of Nylon plastic, the lens is polycarbonate and the chin guard is polypropylene for added strength, while the shroud is cotton for comfort. The Full Mask Supplied Air Respirator, available as a low-pressure or high pressure system, is made of silicone rubber for durability and will hold its shape even in extreme heat and cold. Allegro’s family of disposable hoods offers a loose-fitting alternative to masks and are especially comfortable for bearded workers. The company's fully disposable hoods are designed with the down-tube integrated into the hood, so there’s no need for decontamination. Popular in dirty environments such as spray painting or asbestos abatement, various coatings and designs protect workers against a broad range of chemicals, and large, clear windows provide an expansive view. The Deluxe Tyvek Double Bib Hard Hat and the Tyvek Supplied Air Respirator Hood offer a reinforced down tube with swivel connection for added flexibility. All Allegro respirators incorporate a unique over-the-shoulder design to keep the air hose out of the way of work. Use the above hoods with a Low Pressure Flow Adaptor and/or with a High Pressure Controller. Other low-pressure NIOSH-approved supplied air respirators include the full-mask and half-mask styles, which are soft and pliable and offer continuous flow protection.

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Avon Protection Systems launched a new generation of NIOSH approved compact, battery powered modular airflow units. By combining a major advance in Avon respiratory system engineering within an ergonomically designed housing unit, Avon promises a dramatic reduction in the physical burden of traditional respiratory systems for today’s highly equipped law enforcement and first response teams.

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Captair Flex

Product From ERLAB INC.

By Erlab Inc., CAPTAIR FLEX ductless filtering fume hood is adaptable, flexible and modular. Safely work in the lab while:

  • Reducing operating costs due to their very low energy consumption,
  • Eliminate all set-up costs related to the installation of a ducted airflow system.
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    PCF322 -

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    NH15 Emergency Escape Hood


    The 15-minute NH15 escape hood from Avon Protection Systems, is the world's smallest NIOSH-certified CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) escape hood specifically designed for police, correction officers, emergency medical services and fire officers to offer instant CBRN protection. The hood provides a high level of respiratory, eye and face protection for up to 15 minutes to allow sufficient time to evacuate from a contaminated area. Use of the hood requires minimal training and takes approximately 30 seconds to deploy, due to the novel self-adjusting harness system. The hood is vacuum sealed in a foil bag and protected by a durable reinforced pouch small enough to store in a briefcase, glove compartment or drawer. It can be carried on a utility belt or thigh mounted and has a five-year shelf life. The hood is a single-use device and does not require annual OSHA-specified (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) fit testing.

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    ViralClyns P95


    After rigorous laboratory testing, The ViralClyns P95 respirator has shown to be 100 times more effective than other respirators in its class, stopping 99.99 percent of airborne and droplet viruses. Utilizing Triosyn Antimicrobial Protection, the ViralClyns P95 filter is able to stop and inactivate viruses, bacteria, protozoa and fungi. The respirator filters many potentially dangerous microbial threats including the Bird Flu and SARS, known for being composed of extremely small particles and for their pandemic risk. Recognizing the need for better airborne protection, an international team of microbiologists, toxicologists, chemists and engineers created the ViralClyns disposable respirator after more than 15 years of research and development. The respirator is especially valuable to EMS, police, fire, corrections and military professionals, given the high risk of exposure in these fields. The respirator has two designs -- with or without an exhalation valve. The respirator also features adjustable straps and a full face foam seal for a comfortable and secure fit, even for several hours. Furthermore, ViralClyns' carbon filter shields against smoke and nuisance odors.

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    Altair 5 Multigas Detector

    Product From MSA

    The Altair 5 Multigas Detector is the first portable 5-gas detector with MotionAlert and InstantAlert feature. MotionAlert feature when enabled, activates a “man down” alarm if no motion is detected for 30 seconds. InstantAlert feature allows users to manually activate an audible alarm to alert those around them to potentially dangerous situations. Other features include optional, high-resolution color display screen with logo customization, more than 17 languages, Galaxy System-compatibility, and standard vibrating alarm and data logging. The Altair 5 Multigas Detector is MSA Link Software ready.

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    8145P95 Deluxe Disposable Respirator


    Deluxe Disposable Respirator with Built-In Odor Relief

    Provide nuisance level odor relief from organic vapors, acid gases, and ozone as well as P95 protection from all particulates including oil-based aerosols. North Safety Products' 8145P95 disposable filtering facepiece features latex free adjustable straps for a secure fit. The EZ Flow exhalation valve improves comfort and worker productivity and is color coded for easy identification as an odor relief mask. A closed cell foam face-to-facepiece seal provides maximum comfort and fit. The 8145P95's curved nose clip provides a custom fit and reduces fogging of eyewear.

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    Biomarine BioPak 240 Revolution 4-Hour Rebreather

    Product From BIOMARINE INC.

    The BioPak 240 Revolution 4-Hour Rebreather from BioMarine, a division of Neutronics, Inc., provides easier breathing, faster deployment, and enhanced ergonomics and safety. The patented CO2 scrubber features solid, worry-free, disposable cartridges and an innovative quick change cooling system which features refreezable canisters that can be changed in seconds while the unit is worn.

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    Proflow 3

    Product From SCOTT SAFETY

    Scott's Proflow 3 Powered Air Purifying Respirator is designed for use in domestic preparedness environments that require a dependable, powered air-purifying respirator. The Proflow 3's sleek, low profile will not hinder entries and exits when dealing with harmul environments. The position of the filters makes it ideal for decon operations. This respirator forces ambient air through air-purifying cartridges and into the user's facepiece. Designed for use in a variety of working environments, the Proflow 3 is heavy-duty, but lightweight and comfortable. The unti automatically adjusts power as filter loading occurs. The constant, balanced air supply virtually eliminates any breathing resistance regardless of the cartiridge type employed. This makes Proflow 3 an ideal respirator for long duration operations or those requiring heavy exertion.

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