Leica ScanStation 2 pulsed laser scanner

Leica ScanStation 2 pulsed laser scanner

Leica ScanStation 2 pulsed laser scanner Product Image
Leica Geosystems has announced the next generation Leica ScanStation 2 pulsed laser scanner for as-built and topographic surveying. Housed in a lighter, lower profile design, the Leica ScanStation 2 is capable of a maximum instantaneous scan speed of 50,000 points/second, more than 10-times that of its ScanStation predecessor. Capable for high-density scanning of forensic scene capture, the Leica ScanStation 2 also incorporates features including the industry's first coordinate lock function allowing a user to point the scanner's visible green beam to visual location specific pre-selected coordinates. In addition, users can reduce the minimum point-to-point spacing in any scan, spacing points less than 1 mm apart. Leica ScanStation 2 retains the four fundamental total station features including a full 360-degree by 270-degree field-of-view, survey-grade dual-axis tilt compensation for traversing and re-sectioning, survey-grade accuracy for each measurement and measuring distance of 300 meters at 90 percent albedo.

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Sentinel BDR - Backup Disaster Recovery

Product From WAYTEK

Waytek Backup & Disaster Recovery Platform is a comprehensive disk-based solution for business continuity new in the SMB Marketplace.

Replace traditional tape backup solutions with a comprehensive Business Continuity package at unmatched price points. Recover from system or data loss in minutes, not hours, not days.

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BriefCam VS Forensics - 2010 Innovation Awards Winner

Product From BRIEFCAM

No one can watch hours of surveillance video, yet CCTV deployment worldwide continues to grow. There is an acute need for technologies to assist security operators in browsing the ever-growing masses of video footage. BriefCam meets the global unfulfilled need to review surveillance video, identify incidents, investigate and take action. BriefCam's Video Synopsis gives users the ability to browse hours in minutes by compacting the day's events into a "brief" that takes just a few minutes to review. BriefCam VS Forensics is an easy-to-use offline Video Synopsis application that enables users to review footage, create, view and export Summary Videos for investigative purposes. VS Forensics is a stand-alone product that does not require integration with a DVR/NVR, and can summarize up to four AVI files simultaneously with unlimited queuing capacity. This year, Video Synopsis won the IFSEC Security Industry Award - Best CCTV Systems Product and a Kaye Innovation Award. Watching video is a time consuming process, because time is an inherent part of video. In the case of Video Synopsis, BriefCam treats time non-chronologically. A video summary is created by playing simultaneously multiple objects that may have occurred at different time. This enables the creation of very dense, short summaries of video, e.g. a full day of surveillance video can be represented in a video only a few minutes long. The summary is also an index into the original video: by selecting an object or an activity the original video showing this object and activity can be accessed immediately. Law enforcement entities using this surveillance solution include forensic investigation and other units employing CCTV including safe cities, highway and border surveillance, parks, railroads, campuses, airports, water plants, power plants and other sensitive installations. In short: any unit utilizing surveillance.

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Video Downlink Systems


BMS offers a broad range of video downlink systems for short, medium, and long distance coverages. Video downlinks ensure ground-based officers see what the crew in a boat, helicopter or fixed-wing plane sees. Even a ground-based camera crew can send a live video stream to other team members to take the guesswork out of live action. After all, video is a universal language.

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The Iscon GameChangeIR uses a patented Thermal-Boosted Infrared Detection System that only shows objects under clothing without any harmful radiation. It will reveal the thermal imprint of any material -- plastic, paper, wood, and ceramics as well as metal. But it will not scan under clothing, so there are no privacy issues. GameChangeIR is more effective than an X-Ray machine detecting objects hidden in “sensitive” hiding places. The device consists of an imaging display terminal as well as the specially designed hand-held infrared scanner and platform people stand on to be checked. It uses standard AC power. The Iscon system is also available in a larger whole body scanner portal, Iscon 1000D, for use in commercial security areas. A complete scan and detection takes 30 seconds so people can quickly move through security areas.

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Product From MODIFACE INC.

From ModiFace Inc., AgeTell simulates the effects of aging on user-photos instantly. Based on artificial intelligence and computer vision technology, the company's applications to date visualize skincare, anti-aging products, color-cosmetics, weight-loss, and hair styles. This innovative application now enables users to see what would happen if the biological clock is accelerated forward.

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ClearID v2.5

Product From Ocean Systems

Ocean Systems' ClearID v2.5 includes multiple enhancements, with speed improvements in processing and previews -- and the addition of Super Resolution Processing.

  • In ClearID v2.5, real-time preview capabilities are available in even the most intense fourier and frequency filters. Simply adjust the settings and view real-time results in these enhanced filters. These speed improvements make it easier and quicker to obtain dramatic results in image evidence.
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Product From ICYTE

Clunky, disorganized bookmarks can only handle a certain amount of online information before they become unruly and difficult to sift through. Likewise, copy/paste doesn't save formatting, is difficult to organize, and is harder to link back to the original website for easy reference. A free new tool called iCyte is changing the dynamic for data storage and retrieval by saving and organizing "Cytes" (text, pictures, articles - even entire Web pages) with the click of a button.

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VeriPic Web Digital Photo Lab

Product From VERIPIC

VeriPic, Inc.'s Web Digital Photo Lab software provides law enforcement agencies a web browser based method to log in and view photos in the database. This product extends the capability of Digital Photo Lab software, a high performance client software product that allows agencies to effectively manage, share and secure digital photos across their networks. Web Digital Photo Lab allows the ability for any law enforcement member to view photos via a web browser without the need to install a client at every computer. The system also has TurboView, which provides the ability to view full screen photos at up to10 photos per second. Law enforcement can also print these images for court without breaching chain of custody. Web Digital Photo Lab, and Digital Photo Lab together provide Law Enforcement agencies a with an unsurpassed, easy to use, fast and powerful photo management system.

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The Sixth Sense


Ness Technologies' Sixth Sense is a system that identifies suspicious persons in an urban scene. It automatically alerts the end user to abnormal patterns of motion. A scene is surveilled by video cameras. All moving objects (e.g., humans, animals, vehicles) are automatically detected and tracked. Each trajectory is carefully examined in order to determine whether it is normal or not. Two types of alerts are produced by the system. The first is based on user definitions, such as loitering, running, abrupt direction changes, etc. The second is based on system self-learning. It accumulates statistics during the learning stage and applies them to each incoming trajectory during the recognition stage.

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The HSI EXAMINER 100 QD - Forensic Hyperspectral Imaging System


The HSI Examiner 100 QD is a hyperspectral imaging system and software package that is specially designed with the questioned document examiner in mind. Its easy to use platform provides examiners with the highest sensitivity document imaging system available on the market. With superior sensitivity and ink discrimination capabilities, examiners can rely on the HSI Examiner for reproducible, reliable hyperspectral imaging results.

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