100 SRT AFR ASP EPR FHVL ammunition

100 SRT AFR ASP EPR FHVL ammunition

100 SRT AFR ASP EPR FHVL ammunition Product Image
Extreme Shock's ammunition can be tailored to specific duties such as: reduced ricochet and controlled penetration for maximum termination, subsonic technology for maximum stealth, and air freedom rounds for providing maximum safety. Extreme Shock's ammunition includes: the 100 SRT (Short-Range Tactical Round), a reduced velocity, short-range tactical round causing only minimal damage to metal structures, making it ideal for nuclear power plants, airports, correctional facilities or any CQB application; the AFR (NyTrilium Air Freedom Round), designed to not penetrate the skin of conventional aircraft or the aluminum backs of most airline seats; the ASP (Advanced Subsonic Round), when fired the only sound produced is the manual bolt cycling - louder than the round fired; the EPR (Enhanced Penetration Round), penetrates thick skin, dense bone and fragments once inside the softer tissue of the target; and the High Velocity Tactical and Hunting Rounds (FHVL) transferrs 100 percent of its energy to the target through massive fragmentation.

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Civil Defense Ammunition Line (9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP and .380 Auto)

Product From Liberty Ammunition Inc.

Liberty Ammunition announced the Civil Defense line of superior personal defense ammunition for civilians and law enforcement personnel. Available in 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP and .380 Auto, Liberty’s high-performance ammunition has twice the effective range of standard ammo, provides up to 16% less felt recoil and considerably less weight in loaded magazines.

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.300 Whisper SWISS P HV Styx Action

Product From RUAG Ammotec USA Inc.

RUAG's .300 Whisper weapon systems have been much appreciated by special units for the precise and quiet firing of shots in the urban environment for over twelve years. The exclusive European supplier of ammunition of this caliber offers even more with the new supersonic version .300 Whisper SWISS P HV Styx Action. At an operative range of approximately 150 meters, special police and military units use the .300 Whisper primarily in urban areas against secondary targets such as alarm systems, fighting dogs or cameras. The deformation ammunition .300 Whisper SWISS P HV Styx Action (HV=High Velocity) widens the application spectrum and provides highly precise hits also at 300 meters. The range of ammunition enables the shooter to move from subsonic to supersonic by a magazine change within seconds in order to remain efficient and convertible.

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Tactical Grade Rounds

Product From ProGrade Ammunition

ProGrade Ammunition has created its Tactical Grade of rounds for law enforcement, S.W.A.T. or other tactical operators who cannot afford to settle for less than the absolute best. All seven calibers and 20 variations of ProGrade Tactical Grade loads have been selected for one purpose, and one purpose only: to deliver a deadly accurate, highly reliable, top quality round for any extreme situation.

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Ammunition - Federal, Hornady, Remington and Force-On-Force


OfficerStore.com knows practice, recertification and daily duty demands dramatically impact ammunition supplies of law enforcement agencies across the country. Strategic response to the situation has allowed OfficerStore.com to take aim on tight supplies and long wait times. With a wide variety of ammunition in-stock from

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LTS Pro - LT-PRO Pistol Laser Trainer Pro

Product From LASERLYTE

This new laser trainer fits all of the most popular pistol calibers, mounts inside the barrel and has the sound activated switch showing bullet impact with a laser dot. Every time your hammer or striker fires the small laser dot will flash for 100 milli-seconds simulating bullet impact.

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eMACS Ammo Burner


The MACS Mobile Ammunition Combustion System renders live and expired ammunition into harmless and recyclable components using a technologically advanced and proven design that is safe for bomb techs, law enforcement officers and the environment. In use since 2001 , MACS was designed in a joint venture between the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and TWB Designs and is in use by the RCMP, various police forces and munitions plants.

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Defense Technology - Direct Impact and eXact iMpact rounds

Product From Defense Technology, a part of The Safariland Group

Safariland's five new Specialty Impact models of its Defense Technology brand were designed for corrections officers and tactical teams. These point-of-aim/point-of-impact 40 mm rounds offer high accuracy and blunt impact with an extended range payload delivery. This family of munitions is readily identified by its black base, distinguishable even in low light conditions.

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S.L. Variant speed loaders


The S.L. Variant earned its reputation as the most secure and positive-loading speed loader in both competitive and real-world venues. The S.L. Variant is a positively loading speed loader; the rounds are forced out with a punch thanks to individually spring-loaded chambers. The S.L. Variant holds its rounds securely with individual locking cams. No more reaching in a pocket to find loose rounds accompanied by an empty speed loader. The large Sport Grip attachment (not shown, sold separately) simply screws onto the Variant's threaded end, giving shooters a better purchase and more secure loading.  The Sport Grip is also useful to shooters with injured or gloved hands. The five-shot version will fit

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Custom Ammunition


After years of testing and load development, Wilson Combat have applied experienced knowledge and have engineered a comprehensive lineup of defensive, hunting, and practice ammunition.

Wilson Combat have assembled reliable ammunition with excellent shooting characteristics, match grade accuracy and outstanding terminal performance that officers can confidently stake their lives on. 

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AWC Munitions Premium match centerfire cartridges


AWC Systems Technology allied with TTI Armory to form AWC Munitions producing premium match centerfire cartridges for pistols, rifles and subguns in a variety of bullets and velocity configurations. With roots in suppressor manufacturing, AWC Munitions will also release suppressor-enhanced ammunition –first with 158gr 9mm Sub-Sonic Pistol and quickly followed by 170gr 308 Sub-Sonic Rifle. AWC Munitions cartridges’ quality control sets them apart, ensuring consistency in velocity and superb accuracy. A shooter can expect unmatched performance with every round, and the single-digit velocity variances provide outstanding and predictable results. Finally, all AWC Munitions cartridges are sealed with a special clear coat to offer extended shelf life. AWC's precision automated manufacturing is accomplished using proprietary equipment, and each cartridge is scrutinized through a five-stage quality-inspection process. 

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