Duke Projectile Recovery System

Duke Projectile Recovery System

Duke Projectile Recovery System Product Image
It is now possible to test fire a bullet, easily retrieve it and have 100 percent identification of the unique markings available, including powder residue. Ballistics Research Inc. has developed a patented process, the Duke Projectile Recovery System (DPRS), that enables any caliber of bullet ranging from small handguns to large military rounds to be recovered for ballistis testing/forensic firarm identification. DPRS can capture hollow-point rounds; shotgun rounds; high-velocity, full-metal jackets; soft points; and Glaser rounds whole and completely undamaged (not just the casing). When a test round is fired, it enters the recovery system where it encounters layers of fibrous material. The bullet is encapsulated in the fiber and resistance is applied without direct contact on the bullet, preserving the entire bullet and powder residue.

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Defensive Handgun Test Tube


The Defensive Handgun Test Tube is a bullet testing medium that provides a total understanding of bullet expansion. Designed to provide shooters with a means to evaluate the terminal performance of defensive handgun ammunition, the handgun tube has been specifically formulated in ballistic blue to illustrate a handgun bullet's potential for tissue trauma during expansion and penetration. The tube is one of the only commercial bullet testing mediums that will permit the wound cavity created by the bullet to be measured in detail to include volume. Ballistic Technology's Defensive Handgun Test T ube will capture the wound cavity created by any bullet commonly used for personal defense. For magnum cartridges two Defensive Handgun Test Tubes can be used together.

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Improved Bullet Catcher

Product From Armor Forensics

EVI-PAQ, a brand of Armor Forensics, introduces an updated and improved bullet catcher. The latest version includes a removable grate and welded, non-removable feet to ensure the highest stability. As with its previous model, the new bullet catcher is safe to use with most handguns and rifles, does not require expensive water tanks and includes a chamber filled with non-flammable Kevlar fibers. (The useful life of the fibers is approximately 10,000 shots.)

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Gastec Polytec-V Qualitative Analysis Tube

Product From NEXTTEQ

Nextteq LLC announced the availability of the new Gastec Polytec-V Qualitative Analysis Tube. This single tube lets you sample air or gas for the presence of fifteen (15) separate substances (up to eight (8) at one time) with one rapid 30-second test. Substances that can be detected include Acetylene, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Chlorine, Ethylene, Hydrogen, Hydrogen Chloride, Hydrogen Cyanide, Hydrogen Phosphide, Hydrogen Sulphide, Methyl Mercaptan, Nitrogen Dioxide, Phosgene, Propylene, and Sulphur Dioxide. This tube can be particularly useful to firefighters and emergency response teams because it allows separate detection of Phosgene and Hydrogen Cyanide, which may be present after the combustion of chlorinated products and plastics.

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Zephyr Pathogen Identifier System - Portable Bacteria, Virus, Toxin Detection

Product From PathSensors Inc.

PathSensors Inc. introduced the portable Zephyr Pathogen Identifier system, which delivers extremely rapid, highly reliable detection of bacteria, virus and toxins in powder and liquid samples in minutes. The Zephyr Identifier uses CANARY (Cellular Analysis and Notification of Antigen Risks and Yields) technology which is licensed from the MIT-Lincoln Laboratory. With

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DNAscan - Rapid DNA Analysis System

Product From GE Healthcare Life Sciences

DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis System is a fast, rugged, and easy-to-use rapid DNA analysis system developed to enable law enforcement agencies to process DNA samples in under 90 minutes, thereby helping to accelerate the criminal investigation process. 

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FaceR API for Face Recognition Applications

Product From Animetrics

Animetrics released its first API (application programming interface) for commercial licensing, called FaceR.

FaceR makes it possible for software developers to write programs based on Animetrics’ leading edge technology, which is used today in law enforcement agencies worldwide and within the US Department of Defense. The FaceR API will yield advanced facial recognition applications in the commercial and enterprise market, and represents Animetrics’ first foray into the commercial space.

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Nuance Forensics Voice Biometrics Technology

Product From Nuance Communications Inc.

Nuance Communications Inc. released Nuance Forensics, a voice biometrics solution that assists law enforcement officials and forensic experts with criminal investigations, as well as with the prosecution and defense of suspects.  This powerful tool uses Nuance’s patented voice biometrics technology to assist in confirming or denying the identity of individuals based on audio files that are used during investigations. Unlike less precise identification techniques, such as a lineup, wherein suspects are identified based on a witness’ visual memory, voice biometrics delivers accurate and unique identifying characteristics, akin to DNA and fingerprint evidence, to help assist investigations.

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GUNBUSTERS Firearms Pulverizer System


 GUNBUSTERS, LLC's Firearms Pulverizer system for law enforcement agencies intent on safely and efficiently destroying seized and surrendered firearms.  The design is the brainchild of Ray Reynolds, a retired police Lieutenant, with over forty years in law enforcement and executive positions with three major firearms manufacturers.

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OFK-8000A OPTIMAX Multi-Lite LED Forensic Inspection Kit

Product From Spectronics Corp.

Spectronics Corporation has introduced the OFK-8000A OPTIMAX Multi-Lite LED Forensic Inspection Kit. The kit features a cordless, rechargeable flashlight with eight Quik-Connect interchangeable LED heads, each with an internal dome lens that ensures optimum light uniformity. It provides the greatest versatility in crime-scene investigation and gathering of potential evidence, and it’s especially effective for forensic photography.

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HGpeN - Horizontal Eye Gaze Nystagmus Test

Product From HGpeN

The HGpeN was designed, developed and patented with input from SFST/DRE law enforcement professionals, prosecutors and defense attorneys. After several years of research & development followed up with intensive field testing, we have a product for the law enforcement officer that is not only simple to use, but reliable.

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