Desktop Alert Inc Introduces Assignable Alert Scenario Activation Icons for PC Workstations

Chatham, NJ (PRWEB) August 25, 2014  -- Desktop Alert Inc. recently introduced assignable alert activation icons. With a click of the mouse, alerts are distributed and delivered to targeted personnel and numerous devices in just seconds. The impact of the assignable alert activation icon is that every computer in the organization can become both a security alerting device and an alert receiving device. No new hardware or infrastructure is needed. Desktop Alert operates on and utilizes the customers' in-place computational infrastructure.

Installing the alert activation icon is a simple drag and drop process by a Desktop Alert system administrator. Each icon is linked to a predefined alert scenario. An unlimited number of customized alert activation icons can be created, linked, and assigned to individuals as well as computer workstations that may use a common login profile as is the case with nursing workstations in a healthcare environment. When activated, alerts are immediately distributed based on the icons predefined scenario instantly delivering the message to recipient devices including computer pop-ups, email, SMS, phone calls, mobile devices, and various other end points in less than one minute.

“This feature is very unique in that the alert activation icon can be assigned to personnel that may or may not be role-based alert system administrators or moderators. For example, a guard at the visitor gate or personnel at the visitor’s center neither trained nor provisioned as an alert publisher within the Desktop Alert system will have the ability to activate a predefined scenario such as 'Gate Intrusion' or 'Visitor Desk Security Concern' with a simple mouse click” said Howard Ryan, CEO Desktop Alert Inc.

Icons are associated with intuitive graphical images and descriptive titles such as "Active Shooter" or "Shelter in Place". The feature insures that during an emergent event the alert is sent by personnel without requiring alert system training or special permissions. Desktop Alert scenarios are equipped with a “USER ACCESS” option. A system administrator can assign any user or computer in the domain with scenario icon activation permissions. Assignable alert activation icons are the latest addition to an expanding family of Desktop Alert alerting devices. Some of the other devices include physical panic buttons, Desktop Alert mobile application (iOS and Android), and personal security GPS enabled key fobs.

About Desktop Alert:

Worldwide U.S. military organizations such as the Northern Command, NORAD, U.S. National Guard, the U.S. Air Force Academy, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, the U.S. Air Force, and the U.S. Army now utilize the Desktop Alert total mass notification platform daily for their organization's emergency communication requirements. Desktop Alert can contact thousands of computer users at their desktop and require them to click to confirm receipt of the message flashed on their screen. Those not verified can then be listed on a report and/or sent as a "Target Package" to be automatically contacted by other means such as email, SMS, phone calls and other devices.