Law Enforcement Forensic Grants Now Available: Susteen has Added Additional Spots for Their 2014 Community Outreach Grant

Irvine, Ca. (PRWEB) August 19, 2014 -- Susteen, a world leader in cell phone and mobile forensics, has added additional spots to their 2014 community outreach grant. The grant allows hundreds of law enforcement agencies the ability to acquire much needed cell phone forensic software at a steep discount. The Secure View cell phone forensics software is used by hundreds of law enforcement and federal agencies throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Secure View is capable of acquiring logical and physical deleted data from cell phones. The original Susteen Community Outreach grant allowed for up to 300 law enforcement agencies to acquire the software and an additional 80 spots have been made available due to high demand. Grant applications can be requested by contacting grants(at)susteen(dot)com.

Susteen's Secure View has been the go-to tool for the forensic investigator for the last eight years. Secure View set the standard for cell phone forensics with it's easy reporting features: Acquire, Analzye and Report. Secure View offers advanced cell phone forensics for thousands of phones including the newest iPhones, Galaxy, HTC One and Androids. "Burner and "throw away" phones are a new specialty as these phones are becoming commonplace in the criminal field.

2014 (b) Susteen Community Outreach Mobile Forensics Grant (SCOMF)
All Departments Can Apply

Grant Background: This grant is set up for law enforcement agencies to acquire much needed Mobile Forensics Software for their departments. Law enforcement agencies are having trouble keeping up with increasing amount of cases involving cell phone data. Agencies have to ship cell phones to outside sources for the mobile forensic needs. This is time consuming and can lead to a loss of data or legal precedence. The Susteen Community Outreach Mobile Forensics Grant allows law enforcement agencies the ability to acquire their own mobile forensic software at steeply discounted prices using matching funds. Agencies can now obtain 2 licenses on the grant.

Description of Project: The Susteen Community Outreach Mobile Forensic Grant should be used by law enforcement agencies to help better build cases and increase conviction rates. This should be a benefit to the community that they serve. The grant’s objective is to allow smaller law enforcement agencies to have the same quick access to the mobile forensic tools used by larger departments with greater budgets. Grants are available on an immediate needs basis. Grant is non-competitive as it is first come, first serve. This grant aims to allow up to 300 agencies the ability to obtain mobile- forensic software at a steeply discounted rate.

Secure View 3 supports thousands of phones. Secure View is the only mobile forensic tool that provides 3 specific processes for examination: Acquire, Analyze, and Report.

Budget: Susteen understands that federal funds have become harder to receive. Departments do not have the average $7,500-$15,500 needed to purchase an all-inclusive mobile forensic software suite. Nor do they have the time or resources to drive to other jurisdictions for help in acquiring cell phone data. This grant drastically cuts down the cost of acquiring Secure View 3 Mobile Forensic Software currently in use by the USSS, FBI, ICE and various other Law Enforcement agencies.

Contact: grants(at)susteen(dot)com or call at 800.789.8221 visit