Target Your Investigations With FINDAR

When the objective is to serve and protect, the FINDAR™ from Sensors & Software Inc.  locates buried evidence to close an investigation.
FINDAR, a forensic focused ground penetrating radar (GPR) system, enables police to detect buried objects such as bodies, weapons, and caches of drugs. Data is collected and analysed in the field and evidence is acquired immediately. This easy to use device allows forensic investigators to focus on finding the proof rather than operating the system.

Clear Sites Easily in One Search

  • Locate targets on a variety of terrains
  • Use pre-set search parameters
  • Identify and focus on searches on relevant areas

Locate Evidence in Real-Time

  • View cross-sections immediately
  • Scroll through depth slices on-site
  • Get accurate depths of buried evidence

Save Data for Future Reference

  • Download images to a PC
  • Integrate data into reports

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