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Opgal Offers Its Therm-App™ Industry-First Thermal Android Device at Reduced Pricing

Karmiel, Israel | July 21, 2014 — Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd. has announced new pricing for its revolutionary Therm-App™ thermal mobile device. The industry's first and only such device for Android phones is now available at a special promotional price of $999. As the promotion ends, the price will be set at $1,600 — making it the only mobile thermal imaging device offering high resolution night and bad-weather vision capabilities in this price range.

With unmatched performance, the Therm-App™ device is ideal for security, law enforcement, and search & rescue applications, enabling tracking of vehicles up to 1,500 meters and people up to 500 meters away (with its 19mm lens). The lightweight and compact camera with 384x288 pixel resolution serves as an effective situational awareness, surveillance, location and evidence collection tool, while enhancing the safety of personnel in the field.

Offering all the functionality and convenience of an Android phone, the portable camera with interchangeable lenses enables users to record and immediately share high-quality thermal images and videos. "As the world’s first night vision camera of its kind, Therm-App™ received tremendous response from the market," said Amit Mattatia, President & CEO of Opgal. "We're inviting professionals to take advantage of our special offer, benefit from our high quality thermal imaging, and become part of our growing user community."

"When it comes to Therm-App™, there's always more to see" said Mattatia, commenting on Therm-App's open Android platform. "While we are continuing to develop additional features such as advanced thermography, we're also interested in seeing where developers take it — how they use our SDK to develop innovative applications and cater to untapped market segments," he concluded.

The Therm-App™ promotion is taking place now at the Therm-App™ online, www.Therm-App.com

View the video: http://youtu.be/JMVwY4MJGds

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Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd. is a leading global provider of infrared imaging systems. Using state-of-the-art thermal and active-imaging technologies, Opgal leverages advanced electro-optics and image processing expertise to create high performance, versatile visualization products. Founded more than 30 years ago, Opgal is a major supplier to leading contractors and integrators, as well as corporate and professional customers in over 50 countries.

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