iSTAR: 360 Degree Rapid Imaging from NCTech

iSTAR is a fully automatic, high resolution imaging system that instantly captures full 360 degree spherical images and real-time video. It is a user friendly, portable, single button operation camera that captures spherical images in just 2-3 seconds. It works in standard light conditions but also within the night-vision IR spectrum. Three modes of operation, Still, Time-Lapse and Video Mode make iSTAR an ideal tool for variety of applications. In Video Mode data can be streamed over Ethernet and recorded. It can be deployed in static ( tripod ) and dynamic ( mobile vehicles, airplanes ) environments. iSTAR has an internal compass for geo-referencing and provides a high definition (HDR ) images within extreme lighting conditions.

Among others, iSTAR is used in Police for crime and accident scene capture, Armed Forces for reconnaissance and in Security for site monitoring. These are just a few applications where iSTAR can be an useful tool in enhancing services and providing invaluable additional information. Applications are in commercial, industrial, military and government sectors.

iSTAR addresses challenges industry has been experiencing  for a long time in a single compact unit. No prior technical knowledge is required to operate iSTAR.

This article describes features , applications and benefits of the 360 degrees Rapid Imaging camera - iSTAR.