Integrated Microwave Technologies LLC (IMT)


ATLANTIC CITY, NJ, JUNE 25, 2014 — Integrated Microwave Technologies, LLC (IMT), a Business Unit within the Vitec Group’s Videocom Division, and a leader in advanced digital microwave systems for MAG (Military, Aerospace & Government) markets, exhibits its new Briefcase Receiver (BCRx) at Police Security Expo 2014 (Booth 1315).

IMT’s BCRx is a COFDM (DVB-T-compliant) diversity receiver/monitor integrated into a ruggedized, portable IP66-rated briefcase that offers exceptional RF performance and durability, combined with true ease of operation and highly reliable H.264 high-profile and MPEG-2 decoding. BCRx ensures reliable reception of COFDM-modulated microwave transmissions via maximal-ratio combining technology that takes advantage of its integrated dual antennas to identify and quickly switch over to the best signal received at each point in time. It also contains an AES decryption circuit and a built-in MPEG-4/MPEG-2 decoder, and can receive either HD or SD video transmissions and display them on a built-in LCD monitor. With its AES 128/256 BCRYPT decryption capabilities, IMT’s Briefcase Receiver is ideal for applications ranging from public security monitoring to video tracking.

The rugged unit is also capable of streaming the video to remote computers using its UDP/RTP or RTSP protocols, as it features a 100-Mbps Ethernet LAN interface. This allows received video to be viewed remotely using MPEG-4/MPEG-2 decoder software on a standard personal computer.

“Our new Briefcase Receiver was specifically designed with law enforcement professionals in mind, so we are excited to bring it to those in attendance at Police Security Expo 2014,” says IMT Chief Executive Stephen Shpock. “It is extremely intuitive and requires minimal setup, allowing officers to easily and quickly deploy the system in the field.”

There are two LCDs integrated into the BCRx: a 10.1-inch, 16:9-format, high-resolution LCD screen for viewing the received video, and a 5-inch touch-LCD for receiver control. Both displays feature user-configurable brightness controls, allowing nighttime or daylight viewing. Upon boot-up, the BCRx displays are defaulted to an “off” mode. The touch user interface is intuitive to operate, featuring standard icons and buttons for the control of receiver and telemetry parameters. An information status summary is displayed on the control LCD. Parameters displayed include preset, frequency and channel selection, signal strength, demodulator lock, decryption-active and decoding indicators. The LCD user interface also displays the transmitter battery status and telemetry control confirmations.

IMT’s BCRx also includes 500GB of built-in, non-removable solid-state storage and field-replaceable battery packs that allow for a minimum of three hours of run time between charges. It can also be plugged into a vehicle’s 12-V power outlet or a standalone 120-/240-VAC power supply for unlimited operational capability.

For advanced functions such as changing frequency plans, AES decryption keys, or unit naming, an easy-to-use administration software package is supplied that allows users to establish and store up to 32 custom-preset configurations. The presets can store as little or as much information as the administrator wishes and their values locked in place for later recall. Full access control ensures that users will not inadvertently corrupt mission-critical settings.

About Integrated Microwave Technologies, LLC

Integrated Microwave Technologies, LLC (IMT) is a Business Unit within the Vitec Group’s Videocom Division. IMT’s solid reputation as a quality leader and a trusted provider of mission-critical wireless video solutions has enabled the company to obtain business with state and local police departments, NASA, the Department of Justice, the US Air Force as well as blue chip defense contractors.  IMT is an ISO 9001:2008 certified QMS organization and recipient of multiple industry awards for design and innovations.

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A Snapshot of The Vitec Group

Vitec is an international Group principally serving customers in the Broadcast & Video, Photographic and Military, Aerospace and Government (MAG) markets. Listed on the London Stock Exchange with 2012 revenue of £345.3 million, Vitec is based on strong, well known, premium brands on which its customers worldwide rely. Vitec is organised in three Divisions: Videocom, Imaging and Services.

Videocom designs and distributes systems and products used in broadcasting and live entertainment, film and video production and MAG.

Imaging designs, manufactures and distributes equipment and accessories for photography and video.

Services provides equipment rental, workflow design and technical support to TV production teams and film crews.

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