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425, Inc. Introduces K9 Harness for Its Guardian Angel® Personal Safety Device

FORT WORTH, Texas – June 23, 2014 – For the thousands of sheriffs, other law enforcement and military personnel in attendance at this year’s National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) Annual Conference & Exhibition, 425, Inc., a personal safety device company,  is unveiling its Guardian Angel canine mount and harness, developed to increase the safety and security for law enforcement personnel and their working dogs. 

As another first of its kind for the emergency responder industry, the Guardian Angel canine mount and harness provides immediate identification for working K9 units that serve as members of the police force.  

“Because K9 unit working dogs often lack basic identification as such, they can bear the brunt of unmitigated attacks,” said Kevin Matte, co-founder of 425, Inc.  “But with the Guardian Angel and its new canine-specific harness, they will be instantly recognizable in their official capacity, with the full protection afforded to them by law.” 

Used in conjunction with the new heavy-duty canine mount and harness, the Guardian Angel provides visibility from more than two miles away, from above, and from a nearly 360-degree radius around the K9 working dog. 

The new mount and harness also feature the following:

  • Comprehensive use options, with quick-release buckles and straps, two leash attachment options at the front and handle, an upper grip short handle for better controlling and a specially designed mounting strap for a Guardian Angel to attach securely to;
  • Interchangeable heavy-duty patches designate working dogs in their official capacity, with non-reflective embroidered identifiers such as “SHERRIFF” or “SEARCH & RESCUE” tags available for application on either side of the harness.  Velcro finish allows for quickly changing out the role of working dogs.
  • Available in three sizes: the harness comes in small, medium and large, to accommodate the differing sizes of working dogs in the field;
  • Heavy duty construction, made of water-resistant, durable, light-weight nylon;

The Guardian Angel unit and the new mount and harness can be purchased separately or as a collective group, and pricing is as follows: the Guardian Angel retails for $199 per unit, the canine mount and harness retails for $41.99, the non-reflective, embroidered identifier tags retail for $6.99 and the combination of Guardian Angel, canine mount and harness (with identifier tag), retails for $248.97.  

The canine mount and harness and identifiers are now available for pre-order.  Law enforcement personal can contact the company’s customer service, or find more information on 425, Inc.’s company website, www.425inc.us

More about 425, Inc.
Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Mount Pleasant, Wis., 425, Inc. is a personal safety device company.  Its Guardian Angel product line represents the industry’s first small, wearable lighted device designed to improve personal safety – both in the workplace and out.

For ongoing news, please visit the website at www.425inc.us

For more information, or to request photography or an interview with a company executive, please contact: Liz Kohler at 414-828-6198.