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Etymotic’s GunSport•PRO Electronic Earplugs Now Small As A “Bean”

Elk Grove Village, IL (PRWEB) April 09, 2014 - Etymotic Research, an innovator in hearing wellness solutions, announces a new look for its GSP•15® Electronic Earplugs. Inspired by the form factor of the company’s “Bean” Quiet Sound Amplifier®, this latest version of GSP•15 earplugs will be available for $399 on,, Etymotic’s network of hearing solutions providers and select retailers as of today.

Since their introduction in 2012, Etymotic’s GSP•15 earplugs have helped revolutionize hearing protection. Not only do these earplugs protect hunters and other gun sports enthusiasts from firearms blasts, the active circuitry in GSP•15 earplugs allows for natural hearing when sound is safe, and provides automatic attenuation of unsafe, sustained sound such as machinery, vehicles and other loud sounds. Natural hearing is automatically restored when hearing is not at risk, so users can avoid the inconvenience of removing earplugs to hear clearly.

An important feature, especially for hunters, is up to 5X amplification in the enhancement mode. Advanced signal processing, wide bandwidth, high-sensitivity microphones and high-definition balanced-armature drivers combine to deliver true high-fidelity, natural sound. Like the original model, the new GSP•15 earplugs come with a selection of eartips that fit the majority of users, with custom molds an available option.

“Hearing loss is preventable,” says Dr. Patricia Johnson, audiologist and hearing conservation specialist at Etymotic. “Etymotic has been providing the world’s only truly flat-attenuation passive earplugs for over 25 years. We’re pleased to launch this new version of GSP•15 electronic earplugs that lets wearers hear naturally when sound levels are safe, but be protected when it counts. No other devices can do that.”

Features of GSP•15 earplugs:

  •     Protection is active only when hearing is at risk
  •     Automatic activation of 15-dB sound reduction
  •     5X amplification

About Etymotic

Etymotic is a research, development and manufacturing company that designs high-fidelity personal audio products and hearing wellness solutions to assess enhance and protect hearing. For over 30 years, innovation and education have been central to Etymotic’s mission. Etymotic received the prestigious Safe-in-Sound Award for Innovation in Hearing Loss Prevention by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the National Hearing Conservation Association.

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