Alameda, CA – Groundbreaking technological advancements are nothing new for Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO). Over 30 years ago, CSECO designed and developed the first Buster® Contraband Detector which has become the world’s most used and best selling portable contraband detection device in history. Next came the CT-­-30 Contraband Team Inspection Kit, the world’s first comprehensive contraband detection kit, inclusive of the Buster®, a fiberscope, inspection probes and various other tools law enforcement officers desperately requested. Consequently, the CT-­-30 Kit has become the most utilized comprehensive kit of its kind worldwide. Today CSECO announced the launch of the CT-­-40 Contraband Team Inspection Kit, the most technologically advanced and most comprehensive kit for interdiction officers. “We are proud to provide the next big thing to the many officers involved in contraband searches and inspections on our roads, at our borders, and at sea”, said CSECO president Tony Harris.

The CT-­-40 Contraband Team Inspection Kit (also known simply as the CT-­-40) is an upgraded version of the leading comprehensive tool kit, the CSECO CT-­-30 Kit. CSECO has replaced the fiberscope and digital camera that is included in the CT-­-30 Kit with the newly launched one-­-piece Perfect Vision® V20 Videoscope Inspection System. CSECO heard the requests of officers for a safer, more user-­-friendly option for visual inspections than the leading fiberscope and the Perfect Vision® V20 Videoscope answers boldly with the latest technology in visual inspections.

The Perfect Vision® V20 Videoscope, included in all CT-­-40 Kits, provides all of the features users have come to expect and love about fiberscopes – long, thin (2m x 6mm) flexible Tungsten armored shaft, 2-­-way articulation, powerful built-­-in LED lighting, and long-­-life rechargeable batteries. But, it also resolves many of the challenges officers have about their fiberscopes by providing some amazing new features. A large 5” color LCD screen has been designed into the scope for one-­-piece operation without the need for cumbersome attachments. The large display limits eye fatigue that many officer’s experience when viewing in the small eyepiece of most fiberscopes. Another major advantage is the large LCD display allows for “heads-­-up viewing” so officers can remain visually aware of their surroundings while inspecting – a major safety concern expressed by roadside interdiction officers. The push-­-button digital photo/video capture with 3.5x digital zoom means no more cumbersome camera attachments are needed to capture digital evidence which is very useful in the justice system. The high-­-resolution video chip technology provides ten (10) times resolution of the leading fiberscope offering a clearer view, brighter colors, and more detailed images often allowing for confirmation of the contraband during the inspection.

CSECO intimates that the absence of thousands of tiny glass fiber optics in the shaft that are easily and frequently broken and result in frequent and costly repairs in favor of video chip technology used in the Perfect Vision® V20 Videoscope should result in cheaper, quicker, and less frequent repairs.

The most important feature to CSECO however, was safety. “We partnered with Underwriters Laboratory (UL), the leading authority on product safety, to certify that the Perfect Vision® V20 Videoscope is safe for use in hazardous locations like fuel tanks, because we want our users confident they can use the videoscope as they always have their fiberscopes,” said CSECO’s president Tony Harris. No other scope – fiberoptic or video – has this designation for this use, a fact for which CSECO is very proud.

“The CT-­-40 will provide everything officers have come to love about the CT-­-30 and then some”, said Damaune Journey, CSECO’s Director of Global Business Development. “If you found fiberscopes useful just wait until you use the Perfect Vision® Videoscope.”

CSECO also announced today that to celebrate its 30-­-year anniversary and to thank government and law enforcement agency customers for their support, CSECO has created a Fiberscope Trade-­-in Program. For a limited time only, fiberscope owners can trade-­-in any approved flexible fiberscope for a significant discount on a new Perfect Vision® V20 Videoscope or a new CT-­-40 Kit. “We wanted to thank our customers for years of support and give something back to them”, shared Anthony Harris, CSECO’s Director of Domestic Sales. “Many police and sheriffs departments have small or shrinking budgets. We think this trade-­-in program can help”.

You can learn more about CSECO’s new CT-­-40 Contraband Team Kit, UL certified Perfect Vision® V20 Videoscope, and the Fiberscope Trade-­-in Program by visiting www.cseco.com or calling 510-­-864-­-8010.