Express Diagnostics Launches Drug Abuse Recognition and Onsite Drug Screening System

Blue Earth, Minn. (PRWEB) May 14, 2014 -- Express Diagnostics Int’l, Inc., FDA-registered manufacturer of DrugCheck® onsite drugs of abuse screening devices, recently launched the DrugCheck® DAR-OS™ system to integrate Drug Abuse Recognition (DAR) training with utilization of onsite screening for drugs of abuse. The comprehensive system is designed to develop participants’ skills in recognizing drug use and provide the tools necessary to screen onsite for specific drugs.

With DrugCheck DAR-OS, law enforcement organizations can now implement Drug Abuse Recognition and drug detection systems similar to processes currently used in identifying alcohol-related offenses.

“I learned about the benefits of Drug Abuse Recognition early in my law enforcement career,” says Rich Strasser, COO of Express Diagnostics and retired California detective. “The skills taught in the DAR training program assist in identifying drug use and impairment and are a perfect complement to our onsite drugs of abuse tests.”

DrugCheck DAR-OS was developed in partnership with Graves & Associates, a leading provider of certified DAR training. Implementation of the DAR-OS system begins with DAR training conducted by Graves & Associates, including drug physiology and symptomology to identify objective symptoms related to seven drug classifications. DAR training also employs a seven-step process to determine drug influence and provides reasonable suspicion to initiate onsite drug screening with the DrugCheck® SalivaScan™ Oral Fluid Drug Test. DrugCheck DAR-OS and SalivaScan are available for forensic use only.

“Onsite testing is a great resource to detect drug abuse,” says Keith Graves, president of Graves & Associates. “And with the DrugCheck DAR-OS, using onsite testing in conjunction with skills learned through DAR training, law enforcement practitioners can now detect drug influence in addition to specific recent drug use.

“Graves & Associates is excited to partner with Express Diagnostics to offer this innovative new service.”

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