iCOMBAT Tactical Participates In Urban Shield Police Training Event

Whitewater, WI (PRWEB) May 12, 2014 -- iCOMBAT, manufacturers of the latest technology in projectile-less training weapons, has recently supplied the Urban Shield training event with equipment for several exercises. This Urban Shield event took place in Boston on May 3rd and featured over 2,000 emergency responders including police, SWAT, EMT, fire, and hospital staff.

Urban Shield Boston was a full-scale 24 hour training event with 11 different training exercises that personnel rotated through. The final portion of the training brought all the teams together for a massive emergency response event. iCOMBAT weapons and equipment was provided as a safe way to train in these public areas such as the mayoral chamber, hospital, and other government chambers. Boston.com covered the story.

The exercises included bomb threats, active shooters, hostage situations, wounded personnel evacuation, and even a parking lot collapse. iCOMBAT systems are an excellent training tool because they are safe and cannot be made to fire a projectile. Officers do not have to wear safety equipment, thus making training much more effective.

“What you saw in the Boston Marathon, there was multiple victims, and a lot of need for medical aid quickly, and that’s what we are trying to test,” said Cambridge Police Lt. George Sabbey.

Urban Shield continues to grow and prepare officers for the worst. iCOMBAT is proud to be partners of the program.