New and Innovative Experiential Training Tools Developed For First Responders (NDP) has announced the release of an innovative and dynamic training tool for military, public safety officials and emergency service responders based on rub-for-scent and scratch and sniff technology.

Various scientific studies have shown that smell has an unusual power to stir up memories, and is used as a powerful survival and training tool. According to experts, smell has been described as “the most direct pathway to the brain.” Our ancestors, as well as modern man, have learned to encode specific scents with important life saving information. The ability to smell is one of, if not the strongest, of the five human senses, and the power of smell serves as one of the most important triggers of emotion and memory. It is estimated that the human nose can detect over 1 trillion different odors.

NDP has developed two important sensory training tools for first responders. The first is a set of  Chemical Weapon Training Cards. Chemical weapon arsenals remain a viable threat to military personnel and civilian populations, due to their potential deployment and use by hostile military forces and terrorists.

Many of the first and second generation, chemical weapons may be identified by their unique odor. For example, the chemical Lewisite smells like geraniums; Sulfur Mustard gas smells like garlic and Hydrogen Sulfide smells like sulfur or rotten eggs.  In most cases first responders will not have immediate access to PPE (personal protective equipment) or gas meters and will have to rely on training, experience and all of their human senses, especially their sense of smell to detect potential chemical threats. Each NDP Chemical Weapon ID training kit kit comes in a self contained “training briefcase” containing 8 8.5” x 5.5” fully scented training cards. The scent is activated by vigorously rubbing a finger across the printed side of each card. The scent lasts for a long time and may be activated for several uses.

The second sensory training product is the Marijuana ID Training Card made from real marijuana. These were originally developed by European law enforcement to promote public awareness and combat illegal indoor cultivation of marijuana. These unique scratch and sniff training cards provide a safe, accurate and legal way to expose first responders and others to the odor of marijuana. The cards are 2” x 6” bookmark size. The scent on each card may be activated for several uses. The cards are completely safe, there are no drugs in the cards, just the smell of the marijuana. These unique training cards are available nowhere else in the US.

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