Apptec Corporation Now Leasing DigiTel Systems

You can now Lease a DigiTel System. Leasing a system is a great way to get your own system or to add port capacity to your current system. 

Leasing gets you into a DigiTel System with a low down payment and affordable monthly lease payments.  Its a great new option to consider.

Of course, you can also still buy a DigiTel System outright... now with reduced system pricing!

And a third great option to consider is our DigiCloud Dictation Service.  DigiCloud is great if you prefer not to have any physical hardware or phone lines to maintain.  DigiCloud can be used as your sole dictation system, or as a 24/7/365 backup for your DigiTel System, or to add port capacity to your DigiTel System.  Simpy dial the DigiCloud phone number, enter your personal PIN and Password, and begin dictating.  Use your touchtones to control your session (to engage record, playback, pause, and more).  Do as many dictations as you wish on one call by pressing # to separate them, and simply hangup when you're done.  Your dictations are securely sent to your transcriptionist and she's alerted to them via an email or text message.

DigiTel Lease Options

You buy the Lease-Pod, then pay an affordable monthly lease payment.

1-2 Port Lease-Pod Purchase, DT-102L, $299

1-4 Port Lease-Pod Purchase, DT-104L, $399

1-Port Monthly Lease, L-101, $46

2-Port Monthly Lease, L-102, $67

3-Port Monthly Lease, L-103, $92

4-Port Monthly Lease, L-104, $125

Lease Change/Restart Fee, L-Change, $49

With a leased system you supply the pc and phone line(s).

DigiTel Purchase Options with new lower prices!

You can also buy the DigiTel System outright.

1-Port 1-User, DT-100, $499 (upgradeable to DT-101/102 )

1-Port 2000-User, DT-101, $849 (upgradeable to DT-102)

2-Port 2000-User, DT-102, $1,099

3-Port 2000-User, DT-103, $1,499 (upgradeable to DT-104)

4-Port 2000-User, DT-104, $1,899

With a purchased system you supply the pc and phone line(s).

DigiCloud Call-In Dictation Service

You can also use our DigiCloud Service instead of your own DigiTel System or as a backup for it. 

The following User Pin options are for your DigiCloud membership so its ready to take your call 24/7/365.

1-User Pin, DC-1, $89 per year (just 24 cents per day).

10-User Pins, DC-10, $128 per year (just 35 cents per day) .

25-User Pins, DC-25, $168 per year (just 46 cents per day).

The following costs are just when you call in dictations.

Dictation Usage Fee, DC-MIN, just 33 cents per minute.  

With a DigiCloud Membership, you only need a DigiScribe Transcription Kit (DS-Kit, $189) for your secretary or transcriptionist.  If you need a great transcriptionist, we'll be glad to recommend one from our iTranscribe Network .

Installation & Upgrade Support

Andy is always ready to help you with your dictation and transcription needs.

Contact him anytime with your questions or support needs.

Call him at 1-631-828-1245 or email him at