Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP) Inc.

PEN + CUFF KEY= LockWrite Pen

Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP), one of the most respected names in law enforcement products, is now manufacturing the LockWrite Pen, a patented, two-in-one piece of police equipment that is a fully functional writing utensil and a handcuff key of the highest quality.

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The LockWrite Pen is the brainchild of Officer Travis Roemmele, a working police officer in Riverdale, New Jersey and an ASP Handcuff Instructor.

Roemmele’s innovative idea combines two commonly used tools of the public safety professional into one safe, convenient means to carry and conceal a handcuff key.

“All of our products come from the field, based on feedback from the men and women on the street,” ASP CEO and Chairman Kevin Parsons, PhD, said. “The LockWrite Pen is the latest example of our close working relationship with law enforcement.”

The LockWrite Pen’s handcuff key is ASP’s strongest. It’s made with heat-treated, polished and plated 4140 steel - the same alloy used in ASP’s most durable batons.

The LockWrite Pen’s unique design makes it easy to switch between the tactical and practical functions. With just a click, police officers can retract the ink cartridge to use the handcuff key or slide the cartridge to write.

The high viscosity, German ink cartridges are available in black, blue and red. ASP provides two ink cartridges with every purchase and a lifetime supply of ink.

Under ASP’s “Ink for Life” program, public safety professionals can return a used cartridge along with $1 for postage and handling, and ASP will send a replacement cartridge at no additional cost.

The body of the LockWrite Pen is black lacquer, accented in either 18K Gold or Chrome.

The MSRP is $30.

About ASP/"Protecting Those Who Protect"

ASP is one of the industry's foremost suppliers of Batons, Restraints, Training, OC products and LED lighting. It has stood for innovative designs, flawless function and an unmatched standard of service since Kevin Parsons, PhD, founded the company in 1976. ASP holds more than 100 product patents and provides almost $2 million in free training each year to law enforcement. ASP is ISO 9001:2008 Certified. All products are designed in the United States.