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ASP Introduces the new Envoy Scabbard exclusively for the Talon Baton

Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP), one of the most respected names in law enforcement products, has introduced the new Envoy Scabbard, designed exclusively for its revolutionary Talon, Disc-Loc batons that retract without impact.

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With a smooth, slick, modern profile, the Envoy’s aesthetic qualities are unmatched, while its angled, top-line design and solid base platform with a closed bottom and small drain hole ensure superior performance and functionality on the street.

These innovative features allow public safety professionals to close a Talon baton into the case using just one hand.

The Envoy also locks upright and only rotates to 180 degrees, a key safety feature, says ASP Vice President of Sales and Marketing Scott Bechthold.

“A case that rotates 360 degrees can accidentally turn upside down and the baton can get dislodged,” Bechthold said. “The 180 degree rotation of the Envoy solves this problem.”

The Envoy can be easily and quickly secured to either a duty or dress belt with ASP’s new belt width adjuster. And the clip release belt loop allows officers to snap the scabbard on and off without taking off their belts.

The retaining bar of the Envoy can be adjusted to change the Talon baton’s ease of presentation or strength of retention in the case. A hex tool is used for both adjustment and disassembly.

“On the street, you can’t have a scabbard that fails at a confrontation’s critical point,” Bechthold said. “You need one that combines protection and access and allows a firm grip and a rapid presentation. If you have a Talon, you need our new Envoy.”

The MSRP for the Envoy Scabbard is $45.

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