OT Solved

OT Solved Makes Overtime Easy

OT Solved is a sophisticated Cloud based SaaS scheduling and overtime solution that can be customized to meet the needs of any organization that includes shift workers. 

Utilizing the latest mobile app and software technology, OT Solved communicates with workers and administrators through voice phone calls, text messages and email to allow for timely and efficient scheduling of overtime job assignments. 

OT Solved recognizes that organizations utilize resources inefficiently when trying to fill open scheduling assignments for overtime. The fully-customizable OT Solved solution reduces the time it takes to fill overtime assignments, manage the varying rules affecting how overtime assignments are made, ensures that each overtime assignment is filled by the next eligible worker, and maximizes the use of resources in an economical and efficient manner for every organization. 

By using OT Solved, organizations not only reduce their costs associated with overtime and scheduling, they can increase worker morale by administering a transparent solution and at the same time giving their workers greater control over their work and family lives. 

Key features include:

  • Accept overtime opportunities by phone, text or web
  • Personal overtime calendar view
  • Vacation, Comp, Schedule, and overtime tracker
  • Bid on overtime opportunities in advance
  • Check your location in overtime queue
  • Overtime reports
  • Alerts for upcoming overtime opportunities
  • Job Swap
  • Automated vacancy fills
  • Muli-officer job fill for Overtime and Extra Duty 

OT Solved makes overtime easy !

About OT Solved

OT Solved allows organizations to optimize their overtime and scheduling processes - cutting costs, increasing productivity, and saving time in the scheduling and staffing of 24/7 shift-work operations.  We can optimize scheduling of overtime for all industries including Public Safety, Medical, Travel, and other shift-work operations.

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