Sofradir EC Inc. Night Vision Imaging

Sofradir EC Launches New Infrared Camera Core

October 10, 2013: Sofradir EC has introduced its new ATOM80 (TM) Thermal Infrared Imaging Camera Core. The first in a line of next generation low cost thermal sensor camera cores, the ATOM80 consists of a microbolometer array having 80x80 pixels with high infrared sensitivity. The camera core enables a wide variety of new applications including low-cost thermal imaging, building energy efficiency management, advanced presence detection (including access control and people counting), thermography and automotive safety sensing.

The ATOM80 is being manufactured by Sofradir EC (Fairfield, NJ) and is based on a ULIS Micro80P microbolometer. The new thermal sensor camera core bridges the applications gap for which single, quad or multi-element thermal detectors do not have sufficient sensitivity or resolution and where large format imaging arrays far outperform the application needs and costs. The ATOM80 has been designed to provide more reliable information resulting in accurate spatial and thermal information from the observed scene. This increase in information results in significant improvements in the ability to detect, analyze and classify thermal scenes.

For example, in people monitoring applications such as intrusion detection for security systems, people counting for stores and occupancy detection for HVAC temperature control, the ATOM80 permits systems to be designed to scan a large area with one sensor in order to produce data that is both comprehensive and sensitive enough to be meaningful. For thermal imaging applications, the ATOM80 core delivers unrivaled imaging performance for these low resolution imaging arrays, ideal for low-end thermal imaging devices.

In comparison to other technologies, the ATOM80 delivers extraordinary thermal sensitivity of less than 0.1°C at standard video rates. Other multi-element infrared sensing technologies require more than twice the illumination energy, need to operate at reduced frame rates and do not deliver the same spatial resolution.

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Company Background: Headquartered in Fairfield, New Jersey, Sofradir EC, Inc. (formerly Electrophysics Corp.) is a member of the Sofradir Group of companies since December 2008. Sofradir EC, Inc. develops and manufactures advanced thermal imaging cores and engines based on both cooled and uncooled infrared detectors. In addition, the company manufactures high performance infrared cameras for scientific applications as well as AstroScope Night Vision Modules for nighttime photography and videography.