OnSSI ’s ASIS Display Targets VMS Demands for Mobility, Integration and Extended Command and Control Needs

Chicago, IL (Se ptember 24, 2013) – Innovative t echnology that drives breakthrough PSIM and VMS solutions for mobile and web access, partner integrations and intelligent functionality is the highlight of OnSSI’s exhibit (booth # 1629) at this year’s ASIS convention and trade show.

Featured products incl ude the debut of OnSSI’s Mobile and Web Clients and the introduction of Ocularis LS. Built for mobility with edge recording support, Ocularis LS is ideal for buses, trains and mobile law enforcement use. OnSSI will also host several technology partners in their booth to showcase an array of integrated solutions.

“Field proven performance, exceptional tech nology and elegant simplicity are what Ocularis is about , ” sa id Ken LaMarca, Vice President, OnSSI. “Fro m the conventional control room to the field and b eyond to the cloud, OnSSI’s Ocularis platform rewards users with a refined experience and complete control.

Technology introductions include:

OnSSI's Mobile and Web Clients employ the c ompany’s innovative High Definition Interactive Streaming (HDIS) Technology which enables delivery of up to sixteen live or recorded HD video streams, simultaneously, to your iP ad or approved handheld device, at each stream’s original frame rate, even in low bandwidth conditions.

OnSSI’s Ocularis LS feature set with emphasis on mobility joins the four current offerings of Ocularis PS, Ocularis IS, Ocularis CS and Ocularis ES. The new Ocularis LS incorporates revolutionary edge recording support that allows for local recording in the camera in the absence of network connectivity , and automatic and seamless download of the recorded video when reconnected to the network. Ocularis LS is ideal for buses, trains, mobile law enforcement and medium to large facilit ies.

Technology partnerships demonstrated in the booth include:

C2P unifies video surveillance with IP appliances including point - of - sale (POS) cash registers and automated teller machines (ATMs). Real - time text integration and hypermedia search tools s eamlessly integrate time - synchronized IP text streams to associated video of the text events.

DataDirect Networks (DDN) partnership bundles OnSSI’s Ocularis with DDN’s Storage Fusion Architecture ® (SFA) platform enabling organizations to monitor, manage an d control hundreds to thousands of IP cameras and detection systems, even across multiple facilities or geographies, delivering mission - critical surveillance infrastructure while delivering real - time video quality of service.

ELERTS Incident Reporting soft ware allows smartphone users to report security and safety concerns to a police or security operations center. Even if a campus has hundreds of cameras, ELERTS system “knows” where each surveillance camera can “see”, by storing a Field of View database. Wh en a crime is reported, the ELERTS cloud server uses the smartphone’s GPS to determine the nearest surveillance camera(s), and triggers Ocularis to display live video from cameras with a view of the active crime event.

HTS is an innovator and provider of patented computer vision systems for security, safety, enforcement, parking, port automation and logistics. HTS has implemented commercial License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems, Container Code Recognition (CCR) and advanced vehicle recognition solutions (VRS) in traffic, parking, safe city and marine terminals in over 40 countries worldwide.

IdentyTech Solutions ™ will display its IDentyManage Multi Biometric management solution integrated with OnSSI as its core camera management and supplemental alert and investigation platform . Available in a modular manner, the IDT™ platform offers interoperability and ease of use, integrating the industry’s best performing cameras, sensors and algorithms. All IDT terminals are offered in a rugged, elegant design, with the industry’s required interfaces, enhanced security and convenience .

RADWIN is the leader of Wireless Broadband in Motion. RADWIN’s high capacity Fiber in Motion ™ solution delivers real - time HD video from vehicles, trains and vessels on the move. Deployed in over 150 countries, RADWIN’s Point - to - Point, Point - to - MultiPoint and Fiber in Motion solutions deliver voice, video and data on a single platform with high capacity and wide area coverage. RADWIN’s solutions are utilized for multiple applications such as critical infrastructure protection, airports, utility, and oil and gas facilities.

Razberi Technologies offers the patented razberi ™ ServerSwitch appliance, which combines the functions of a network video recorder, high - powered Ethernet smart switch and emb edded OnSSI Ocularis video management software. The Razberi appliances can be deployed as stand - alone recorders or as a distributed network of remote edge - recorders that are centrally managed by Ocularis.

SoleraT ec/Spectra L ogic provides OnSSI users the ab ility to store more for less. The technology partnership of Spectra Logic and SoleraTec delivers seamless surveillance video management, ultra - fast search and playback of recorded video, ability to store more frames, more resolution, and more camera feeds all for much lower storage costs. This integration allows users to deploy an affordable video surveillance storage solution while preserving their budget.

OnSSI is very pleased to welcome Tri - Ed Distribution as a new distribution partner. As North America’s largest independent security distributor, Tri - Ed provides state - of - the - art solutions from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

For more information on OnSSI, call 845 - 732 - 7900, e-mail info@onssi.com or visit www.onssi.com.

About OnSSI

OnSSI offers breakthrough VMS technology that’s field proven at thousands of installations globally. T he company's flagship Ocularis IP security and surveillance platform delivers open architecture, scalability and process automation at reduced operating costs . And with the add ition of Ocularis Web and Mobile, u tilizi ng OnSSI's High Definition Interactive Streaming (HDIS) , OnSSI deliver s the fastest and highest resolution mobile and web access video delivery solution available.