Sterling Solutions of America, Inc.

Sterling Solutions Offers Unprecedented Benefit for Law Enforcement Officers

Sterling Solutions of America, Inc., a leading provider of technology process training to law enforcement agencies nationwide, announces a first-of-its kind component to its copyrighted “Technology and Tactics” session. Effective immediately, Sterling will provide accidental death and dismemberment insurance to every officer who attends one of its “Technology and Tactics” classes, at no additional cost to the agency that hires Sterling to provide the training.

The face value of the policy is $50,000 and it will be in force for one year from the date of the class. If an officer gets seriously hurt or killed while using the technology that they have learned from Sterling, the insurance policy may be claimed.

“Technology and Tactics” is designed to improve officer survival while training on the practical, real-life use of technology in public. It focuses on the processes required for successful and safe integration of hardware and software into police work.

Sterling CEO Jim Donahue is an experienced law enforcement officer and longtime technology process adviser. In the past fifteen years, Sterling has taught approximately 4,000 officers, nationwide, at the academy level, in-service, and under contract for specific technology vendors. The primary objective of the classes is to improve officer safety. He helps patrol cops recognize the tactical risks of using technology, learn how to minimize those risks and use the new tools to their advantage.

“Our training is created by cops, for cops,” said Donahue. “We’re trying to save lives, so we’re offering an insurance policy to every participant as assurance that our sessions are worth the cost for every agency and the time for every officer we train.”

For more information on the insurance program and Sterling’s training, contact (386) 763-3000 or