Team Captain Julie Golob Marks 7th Anniversary With Smith & Wesson® With NRA Action Pistol Distinction

Seven-year Smith & Wesson Shooting Team Captain Julie Golob has recently been awarded the National Rifle Association (NRA) Action Pistol Distinguished Badge.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (August 29, 2013) --- Smith & Wesson Corp. announced today that seven-year Smith & Wesson Shooting Team Captain Julie Golob has recently been awarded the National Rifle Association (NRA) Action Pistol Distinguished Badge, one of the NRA’s most prestigious shooting awards A member of Smith & Wesson’s elite shooting team since 2006, Golob is one of just four women who have earned this coveted award designed to recognize excellence in the area of competitive shooting.

A three-time NRA Action Pistol Women’s Champion, Golob’s fierce determination and remarkable skill set has made her a familiar face in the winner’s circle at many of the sport’s premiere events. Throughout her noteworthy career, Golob has established an NRA Action Pistol Women's National record on the Moving Target course of fire as well as being named a four time Military and Women's Shoot Off Champion.

Despite her hectic schedule as a mother of two, devoted wife, published author, firearms instructor and spokesperson for many of the industry’s most recognizable brands, Golob made time to sit down with Paul Pluff, Director of Marketing Communications for Smith & Wesson, and reflect upon her storybook career.

PP: Julie, first off, congratulations on receiving the NRA’s Action Pistol’s Distinguished Badge. By now, your trophy shelf has turned into more of a closet, but this is certainly one honor that we know means a lot to you.

JG: Thank you. I’m extremely honored to join the ranks of the incredibly talented shooters who have earned this distinction. It has been on my bucket list since I started competing in the Bianchi Cup and I’m very proud of this accomplishment.

PP: Anyone who follows competitive shooting understands that this is an award that can often take several years to accomplish, sometimes even a career, but you were able to accomplish it much sooner than most. What do you value most about this award?

JG: To me, the Distinguished Badge represents dedication and longevity in one of my favorite shooting disciplines. So many great shooters have earned this award and to be associated with these top shooters, like my teammates Doug Koenig and Jerry Miculek, is something that I will always cherish.

PP: In 2006, you donned the Smith & Wesson blue for the first time and instantly took the reins as Team Captain. What were some the factors that led to your decision to join the team?

JG: My first sponsor as a junior competitor was Smith & Wesson and because of that I have always appreciated the company’s commitment to youth programs. When the opportunity to work for Smith & Wesson came up, I jumped at it. I knew right away that this was a position, which would further help me grow within the industry. Regardless of what I’m doing, I love flying the Smith & Wesson blue. The pride I feel at being able to showcase the product that so many dedicated employees worked to produce is indescribable.

PP: During your time as Team Captain, you’ve had the opportunity to shoot several products in competition. How has this aided your success?

JG: It's every shooter's dream to be able to have so many excellent firearm options for competition. Because of Smith & Wesson I have been able to compete with everything from revolvers to M&P15 rifles.  I especially love the SW1911 line. I grew up with the 1911 platform so it is naturally one of my favorites, but it’s certainly in close competition with the M&P pistol. I’ve been fortunate to work with the company on new additions, like the M&P9 JG and I firmly believe the M&P pistol is the next step in the evolution of the polymer pistol. It's so comfortable and so dependable that I love shooting it in competition.

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