Less Lethal Technology Sending a Shockwave Through the Law Enforcement Community

San Diego, CA (August 9, 2013) - Alternative Ballistics LP, a San Diego based company, is making its less-lethal technology available to law enforcement and militaries worldwide.

Their flagship product – THE ALTERNATIVE™ is a lightweight, extremely accurate, and affordable system that provides law enforcement and military professionals the ability to apply less-lethal force in those situations where lethal force is warranted but may not be the appropriate
way to resolve the situation. This innovative blunt force impact device instantaneously converts an officer’s duty weapon into a less-lethal weapon system.

Company’s mission statement – Developing effective less lethal and tactical technology for law enforcement and military agencies worldwide.

Our products provide a unique, effective, and rapid solution to lethal situations while aiding in maintaining the safety of the general public.

Please visit www.alternativeballistics.com for more information. For press information email info@alternativeballistics.com or call 619.326.4411.