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Lenco BearCat G3 Utilized for 2013 CT SWAT Challenge

Pittsfield, MA – Lenco Industries, Inc., the global leader in the design and manufacture of armored police vehicles, is proud to continue to be the exclusive sponsor of the 2013 Connecticut SWAT Challenge. The event, which offers a competitive experience to supplement traditional officer training, will be held August 20-22 and be hosted by the West Hartford Police. Challenge events will feature Lenco’s BearCat® G3 tactical armored vehicle.

The BearCat® G3 is Lenco’s best-selling armored response and rescue vehicle. It offers exceptional off-road capability with standard 4-wheel drive and high ground clearance. In addition, its open floor plan with dual A/C and heating can comfortably accommodate a fully-equipped 10 to 12-man tactical team. And like all Lenco vehicles, the G3 features the highest quality safety features: Mil-Spec steel armor plate certified to defeat multi-hit attacks from 7.62 AP / .50 Cal BMG, ceilings and floors that provide enhanced blast and fragmentation protection, and ballistic glass windows with multi-hit defeat and superior clarity.

On display at CT SWAT is a Four Door variant, which offers 5 entry and egress points on the vehicle.  This functionality greatly enhances tactical response and rescue capabilities in tight urban settings and Active Shooter scenarios.  In addition, this BearCat G3 features Lenco’s Hydraulic RAM, Explosive Gas & Radiation Detection packages, Thermal Image & Color Camera, On-Board SCBA Breathing system and a host of lighting and communication features.

Given these advantages, Lenco continues to be the Sole Source SWAT vehicle supplier for over 90% of United States Law Enforcement Agencies. This makes the BearCat® G3 the perfect choice for the Connecticut SWAT Challenge, since so many of the competing teams have operated out of BearCats for years. Lenco is proud to support this World Class event, which will help to improve inter-agency familiarization, tactics, and proficiency in departments across the Northeast. We wish the best of luck to all of the competitors.

About Lenco Industries, Inc.

Lenco Industries designs, develops and manufactures armored security vehicles for law enforcement, military, government and private security forces working to safeguard our nation’s homeland security as well as downrange in Iraq and Afghanistan. Lenco’s client base includes the nation’s most prestigious law enforcement agencies, including the Los Angeles Police Department, LA Sheriff Department, Boston Police Department and the New York Police Department. Lenco has also designed and built Special Forces armored vehicles for the US Department of Defense. Lenco is a supplier to the US State Department, Department of Energy, ATF, US Marshals and other high profile government agencies. Lenco’s product line includes the BEAR armored SWAT truck, and several variants of the BearCat, including the G4 M-ATV, MedEvac and VIP armored vehicles. For more information, visit www.LencoArmor.com.