PublicEye (a product of Zco Corp.)

Mobilizing Public Safety: Smartphones & Tablets

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  • Thursday, August 22nd - 1PM EDT
  • Thursday, August 29th - 1PM EDT
  • Thursday, September 5th - 3PM EDT

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PublicEye® is a real-time intelligence platform that arms first responders with quick access to critical data on iOS, Android, and Windows 8 smartphones and tablets.

  • Easy-to-use touch interface: smooth, visual, and real-time
  • Mobile access to 911 calls, building pre-plans, CAD & RMS data, and more
  • Accurately see the locations of responders even outside their vehicle
  • Multi-jurisdiction support for police, fire, and neighboring municipalities to seamlessly share information for mutual aid

About PublicEye®

PublicEye is a mobile intelligence platform for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. On a real-time map, public safety personnel can see locations of fire hydrants, building pre-plans, hazards, and 911 calls. CAD & RMS data is available with a touch. GPS locations of all responders are tracked, and fellow PublicEye users can quickly interact via texts, pictures, and videos. For screenshots and a free webinar introduction, visit