New Emergency 24 Hour Video Camera System From Sperry West

The Video Commander™ SW3000EK is a system which will quickly function with up to four video cameras at once, to allow viewing and recording even when all electric power is lost.

This system will provide its own illumination, even in total darkness.  All power for the cameras, DVR and monitor come from within the protective case.  A special additional camera is included, which does not look like a camera and can “see” in total darkness, but operates with totally invisible infrared.  It can be used alone or in conjunction with up to three other system cameras. All cameras are high resolution.

After approximately 24 hours, a second power pack electronic battery (included), is easily swapped out with the original one and the system is quickly operating again.  Re-charging can be done with a vehicle, or 110V which may be available offsite.

This Video Commander Kit uses quick snap connection and a high flex all stranded cable to carry video and power so that recording of up to four areas can take place simultaneously.

“This Video Commander Kit is perfect for any organization with assets and people to protect” according to Barry Levine, CEO of Sperry West.