CCJA Opens Simunition/Force on Force Shoot House

Fredericksburg, Va. - July 26, 2013 – CCJA announced today that it has opened its 1,500 square foot Shoot House with (4) separate rooms - (1) center fed (3) corner fed - with (2) long hallways and a bathroom. In addition, 8 color / night vision cameras record the action as you make entry into and clear the various rooms. This allows Instructors the ability to critique students in full light as well as low light/no light situations. The student /agency also has the ability to obtain a copy for their training records. The Shoot House is located in the Bowman Center at 56 Joseph Mills Drive Suite 100 Fredericksburg, Va. 22408.

“If there is ever the possibility that a law enforcement /Security departments officers will find themselves in a structure like a building or house or business, the live fire (Simms) shoot house training is essential. Unfortunately, many departments don’t have a shoot house and therefore aren’t able to train their officers sufficiently. Department should look into Shoot House training to ensure all officers are trained and to avoid potential civil liability.”

“Continuing education is required in subject areas such as changes in the law or department regulations relating to the use of force, other options available other than the use of deadly force and the list goes on. We now know we have a responsibility and an obligation to expose officers in training to as many situations as possible that they may encounter on the street. If you believe you do have a responsibility and an obligation to train your officers to the highest possible level, and your officers may find themselves in a structure like a building or house or business, then you need a (Simms) fire shoot house.”

Come out and see our new training center and tour the shoot-house, I will be more than happy to give you a demo.

- Thomas Perroni, Training Director for CCJA         

About CCJA

Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy (CCJA) is comprised of some the industry's best security professionals and trainers.  The training offered at CCJA is as varied as the professionals that provide the training.  These experiences range from Private Security, Military, Law Enforcement, Civilian and PSD/WPPS contractors. The common thread among our staff is each instructor possesses the qualifications required by a nationally accepted or academic standard for certification as a General / Firearms Instructor.

All trainers at Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy are active security professionals so the instructor not only teaches the material but also practices it in the field. This provides the student with the ability to get text book information that has been tempered in real world experience.