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Mich. City Awarded for Use of CrimeView Dashboard

Ann Arbor, MI, May 27, 2013 – The Public Technology Institute (PTI), has announced that the City of Ann Arbor has won a technology achievement award in the category Public Safety Technology and Emergency Management. The City has successfully set out to fully incorporate the CrimeView Dashboard solution into police operations that have integrated “best crime analysis practices” in an effort to both analyze crime trends and strategically deploy critical police resources.

CrimeView Dashboard is a proactive policing and operations management solution that combines multiple data sources into customized views that can be configured to monitor criminal activity related to specific locations or crime trends in near-real time. The dashboard’s flexible organizational framework (briefing books, pages, widgets) provides the ability to custom-configure the dashboard to support the Ann Arbor Police Department and its regional law enforcement partners in their various roles/responsibilities and mission objectives. This powerful fusion of data and analysis enables new precision crime workflows to optimize daily policing strategies.

Law enforcement operation models such as Data-Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety (DDACTS), which uses traffic enforcement strategies that play a dual role in fighting crime and reducing crashes and traffic violations is another way of utilizing CrimeView Dashboard. Several agencies across southeast Michigan were independently exploring dashboard technology solutions to empower staff to easily analyze data that traditionally was trapped in the “system.” The challenge lies in dealing with large volumes of data that are difficult to convert into actionable information to focus on crime priorities and geographic areas of responsibility.

The City of Ann Arbor, in collaboration with the police departments in Canton Township, the City of Southfield, Pittsfield Township, and the Washtenaw County Sheriff had all identified independent funding and grant awards to purchase separate dashboard solutions. As members of the Courts & Law Enforcement Management Information Systems (CLEMIS), a consortium of police agencies managed by Oakland County, Michigan, the agencies approached the CLEMIS Executive Board to discuss collaboration.

The result was the Incident Crime Mapping and Analysis Mobile Dashboard project that is now actively underway to deploy a turnkey solution implemented by The Omega Group in partnership with CLEMIS, and the five agencies operating together as a pilot project. Upon completion of the pilot project, the remaining 80+ CLEMIS member agencies are seamlessly able to analyze near real-time crime data in exciting new ways across the political boundaries criminals typically like to ignore.

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