Carlson's New TVWS Range-Boosting Antenna

The scope of remote public safety connectivity just got an extension with Carlson’s new High-Gain Yagi Directional UHF antenna for RuralConnect.

The antenna provides a three-mile boost to the previous range of Carlson’s RuralConnect radio, a TV White Space device that delivers wireless broadband to rugged locations where Wi-Fi and microwave connections are impossible.

With the ability to reach distances of up to ten miles from the base station, the Yagi antenna provides optimized high gain performance on longer paths—well suited for medium-tower environments.

The Yagi is the latest addition to Carlson’s ecosystem of range-increasing accessories for RuralConnect.

The antenna’s heavy duty, all-weather environment capabilities make it an excellent low-density solution that keeps infrastructure down in the remote locations that need it most. For more information, visit