MIR Systems Develops Touch Screen Solutions

The Law Enforcement profession seems to get “lagging edge” technology at a time when "leading edge” technology is needed most. Since technology was introduced to the Law Enforcement profession, dispatch, reporting, and administrative solutions have been rigid, poorly designed, unreliable, and difficult to use. The MIR Systems team set out to change that, and has developed intuitive, touch screen solutions that look and function just like your smart phone.

MIR Systems solutions save money, and increase effectiveness of Officers and Administrators. Our solutions consist of the following:

Headquarters: The MIR Systems solution includes touch screen monitors which are completely wireless and mobile. Fully wireless dispatch enables dispatching from any location, either out of necessity or choice. No need for a costly mobile communications center. Our touch based interface enables quicker dispatching and instant communication between headquarters and officers on the street.

Street Level: The MIR Systems tablet is water proof and can withstand a rugged environment. Fully integrated software allows officers to run license plates inside or outside of their vehicle. Our mobile reporting software also has:

  • Fully integrated speech recognition enabling Officers to dictate a report.
  • Fully integrated language translation capabilities.
  • Built in GPS mapping feature.
  • Texting capabilities from any mobile device to headquarters.
  • Live video feed capability between headquarters and tablets.
  • Innovative messaging which enables text, pictures, and HD video to be sent to officers in the field.
  • Fully mobile capabilities, enabling officers to receive dispatches and complete reports anywhere, anytime.

About MIR Systems
MIR Systems began with a single goal in mind; provide Law Enforcement with the best technology possible to do their jobs, cost effectively. Started by a Law Enforcement professional, the MIR Systems team has developed and markets state of the art, touch screen based dispatch and street level solutions that are fully mobile, durable, reliable, and intuitive. On the web at www.mirsllc.com