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Tiburon has integrated RMS to corrections management software

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Tiburon Completes Total Enforcement RMS Integration to Jail Management to Create End-to-End Platform

SAN RAMON, CA (February 20, 2013) – Tiburon, Inc., the industry’s leading provider of integrated CAD and records management public safety software for the cloud, today announced that it has reached a major product milestone with the integration of Tiburon’s Total Enforcement’s RMS to Tiburon’s JailRECORDS corrections management software. The achievement also highlights the continued success with integrating the Total Enforcement team and product into Tiburon since the acquisition of Total Enforcement in June 2012.

 A successful demonstration of the key integration points between Tiburon’s TotalCommand CAD, Total Enforcement Records Management (RMS) and JailRECORDS was provided to a client in Washington County, Minnesota last week which is looking forward to receiving the end-to-end capabilities in their next build. The key integration points presented between the products include TotalCommand CAD event Transfer to Total Enforcement RMS; Arrest transfer from Total Enforcement RMS to JailRECORDS; Master Name Data Sharing – both ways to/from Total Enforcement RMS to JailRECORDS; SRM (Shared Resources), codes, personnel and departments; 911 Mapping address validation and MobileCOM launch of Total Enforcement RMS from the vehicle.

 "Public safety agencies require reliable partners to not only offer long-term cost effective solutions but also add greater value, experience, capabilities and services to encourage long-term strategic partnerships. Total Enforcement is obviously a strategic complement to Tiburon’s cloud and traditional on-premises solution platforms giving us the ability to offer fully-featured, integrated solutions to all our clients." said Kirke Curtis, Vice President of Marketing.

About the Integrated Solutions

JailRECORDS is a full-featured corrections management solution offering state-of-the-art actionable intelligence across corrections institutions. Its user-driven booking, inmate management and disposition tools include incoming queues, user configurable housing management, drag-and-drop housing assignment and smart classification.

Total Enforcement RMS is built on the latest Microsoft .NET and Azure technologies, Total Enforcement RMS gives law enforcement agencies the power to collect, process and access information in real time, leveraging both premise-based and hosted offerings as well as the latest in next generation secure cloud-based technologies.

Total Enforcement RMS solution offers uncompromised functionality, simplicity, enterprise scalability, and extends Tiburon’s CAD and corrections management offerings to create integrated solution offerings for law enforcement.

TotalCommand CAD offers unparalleled reliability and scalability through a unique distributed architecture. The application runs in real time on each individual workstation to deliver best-in-class fault tolerance without specialized hardware. If any individual workstation fails, or even in the case of server failure, the TotalCommand CAD keeps running and dispatchers can continue to do their job. TotalCommand CAD also offers unlimited scalability across workstations and locations while delivering a 99.999% uptime, even during system upgrades. By providing comprehensive, real-time integration with law and fire records management systems, TotalCommand CAD offers dispatchers and responding personnel complete situational awareness. Its bi-directional integration with RMS systems delivers priors, premise, warrants, hazardous materials, pre-plan and special flags data instantly upon location verification.

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