JetProtect Corp.

mSENTRY Mobile Security & Deterrence

JETprotect Corporation, Santa Clara, CA, introduces mSENTRY™, a mobile protection system that fits in the bed of an American 4x4 truck. Getting to a rugged and remote area for search & rescue or to secure and defend seven (7) square miles is now simple.

The MISSION: Rapidly deploy and then automatically detect, track and potentially deter trespassers at distances over a mile from the 4x4. Operate autonomously in any weather from a battery power plant and communicate through the 4G LTE cell network to reach responders.

mSENTRY™ uses ground radar to monitor large outdoor areas and track moving objects. The tactical software, Cortex™, correlates radar targets to geo-zones that can initiate actions like pointing high zoom cameras at the intruder. When deployed with a 4G LTE radio, mSENTRY™ is broadcasting all sensor and mapping data to a private and secure Internet Cloud.

The center of the system is the VFR Chase X™ multi-sensor payload that hunts disturbances in the perimeter, and then chases them with cameras and lights. The payload has six wavelengths to detect and determine target type and five wavelengths of emission to expose and deter the trespasser. Surrounding the 4x4 Mast and VFR Chase X™ payload is a software suite performing three layers of distributed processing and the brains behind the hunt. Lieutenant™ C3V (command, control, coordination & video) software is the top layer, built for Apple mobility products, and is available on iTunes. It is the portal into all the enterprise sites running Cortex™.

A cutsheet describing mSENTRY™:

“The mSENTRY™ was purpose built for rapid deployment to secure miles of terrain in any weather,” said GEJohnston, Chase designer. He continues, “The 4x4 solution gives law enforcement, border patrol, oil drillers, emergency responders and search & rescue professionals a means to control large outdoor areas”.

The mSENTRY™ is designed and manufactured in Santa Clara, CA, USA.