Oklahoma City Buys 2013 Ford Police Interceptors

The Oklahoma City Police Department recently purchased 78 newly redesigned 2013 police interceptor sedans for uniformed patrol operations.

Fifty-four of the new vehicles are front wheel drive and 24 are all wheel drive. Two police interceptor sport utility vehicles were purchased for use by the K-9 unit.

The sedans are equipped with the 3.5 liter police interceptor engine, and all are based on the newly re-designed Ford Taurus chassis. The police utility interceptor’s design is based on the Ford Expedition chassis. The Ford Motor Company specifically designed these vehicles for law enforcement emergency police operations.

Police will order and outfit additional vehicles at a later date as funds become available.

It is important to note that these vehicles are all solid black with the word “Police” appearing in white, large block, letters on both sides next to the seal of Oklahoma City located in the upper front quarter panel sections of the front doors. The tops of the vehicles bare the unit number markings and the rear truck lid contains the unit equipment number and division designations.

All of the vehicles are equipped with the low profile LED emergency light bar, spotlights, and front bumper push bars. Citizens can expect to see these vehicles on the streets within the next few weeks.