RNC Safer With CavCom Advanced Two-Way Communications Technology

Noise levels at conventions, sporting events, concerts, demonstrations and other high noise environments often prevent police and security officers from communicating effectively when using traditional two-way radio technology. Communication impairment in crowd control situations poses an even greater safety risk to event spectators, participants, and those charged with protecting their safety when security and police personnel employ protective facemasks. Traditional microphones, headsets and other communication equipment don't work well in high noise environments and with personal protection equipment (PPE) because they only address part of the problem. Without managing the external environment (the noise), communication won't be heard clearly. Without equipment that can
be used inside your PPE, clear communication is simply not possible.

Jamie Sipes, a police officer and mobile field force operator at the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, MN, used traditional two-way radio communications devices. "Our radio communications were very limited. When I was deployed with a helmet, riot shield and gas mask, it became almost impossible to hear my radio and orders from command. Orders could be missed altogether. There's never a good time for the breakdown of radio communications, especially during the chaos created by a confrontation with a hostile crowd chanting and throwing objects toward the line."

To ensure clear communication at the upcoming 2012 Republican National Convention, the Tampa Police Department will employ CavCom noise reduction and two-way radio accessories while providing event security support. CavCom’s unique technology surpasses traditional communications devices by combining superior hearing protection and clear radio communications in a single, lightweight ear set. CavCom’s advanced in-ear communications systems are easy to use, quick to install, comfortable to wear, and work with any two-way radio and any PPE.

About CavCom

Founded in 1997, CavCom is a privately held company with manufacturing facilities in Walker, MN, and regional sales staff throughout the United States. CavCom is committed to developing innovative two-way radio communication products that provide superior hearing protection and facilitate clear communication in high noise environments. CavCom’s revolutionary products, including CAVCOM, RADIO GEAR, and EARZON, represent a superior alternative to traditional two-way radio communication devices, allowing safe and clear communication in manufacturing, military, entertainment, public safety, commercial, and other high noise environments.