Yankee Hill Machine (YHM) Co.

Don't Just Hide Flash, Annihilate It

YHM is proud to introduce our newest flash hider, the Annihilator (YHM-27-ZA). Based off of our top-selling Phantom Flash Hider (YHM-28A) the Annihilator features exceptional performance, with a unique style that gives a new meaning to the word aggressive.

YHM has a bit of a reputation for putting function ahead of aesthetics. We have always created products that if given the situation, your life can depend on them. The Annihilator, however, was designed with a certain look and style in mind and then engineered to follow our tradition of providing a rock-solid dependable product that outperforms anything in its price range (and others far above it's price range). Specifically we wanted to create something bold that didn't look like anything else out there. "We knew we wanted it sharp and we knew we wanted it to have a presence on the end of the rifle." says new products engineer Chris Graham.

One part of the design intent was to make the flash hider a weapon on its own. This lead to the tapered hex design and very aggressive end cuts. Of course, we couldn't sacrifice it's ability as a flash hider so we re-engineered our standard Phantom cuts into this 6 port design. This new 6 port design eliminates over 99% of muzzle flash and does not require “timing” of the hider. The Annihilator is threaded to ½”-28 to fit standard 5.56mm AR barrels. Suggested retail price: $56.00. Models for 9mm, 6.8 SPC, and 7.62mm coming soon.

YHM has over 60 years in the firearms business. This allows us to engineer and produce the perfect part for many different situations. YHM prides itself in designing and manufacturing the best possible product at a fair price. Please visit the New products section of our website for more information. www.YHM.net