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Officer Radio 04/19/12: Chaplains in Sanford, FL

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Today we’ll be talking about quite a few topics.  We’re going to start out with some information about the upcoming inaugural Officer World event being held May 13th & 14th at the Ronald Reagan Building & International Trade Center in Washington DC.  After our first break we’re going to be joined by Reverend Frank Ruffatto, a retired homicide detective now serving the law enforcement community as a Police Chaplain.  Rev. Ruffatto is also the executive director of Peace Officer Ministries and he, along with several other chaplains, responded to Sanford, Florida during the trying times after the Zimmerman/Martin incident.  Few people consider or realize the pressure and stress such a high-profile event can cause to an agency and everyone serving it or connected to it.  Reverend Ruffatto is going to share some information about his experience there.  Then we’re going to discuss Chaplaincy in general, the services they provide and the requirements to become one.