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Officer Radio 3/29/12: Apps, Zimmerman & NLEOMF

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I’m your host: Editor for, Frank Borelli.  I’d like to offer special thanks today to Jason Stoddard of the Warrior Training Group and Mr. Craig Floyd of the National Law Enforcement Memorial for participating on today’s show.  I also need to thank my workmate, Ms. Tabatha Wethal, Editor for Law Enforcement Technology magazine for agreeing to come on the show.

Today we’ll be talking about quite a few topics.  I think we’re going to start out taking a look at the new iPad apps for LET and LEPN, and then we’ll follow up with some thoughts about the differences between legal versus illegal and right versus wrong.  This past month we’ve seen demonstrations and laser-focused attention on the George Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin incident and it occurs to me that what the people want is justice, or what they perceive as right.  What the police and courts can deliver is restricted to legislation of what’s legal or illegal.  We’ll also be talking about the JetBlue crazed pilot incident and what outlook passengers should have on today’s commercial flights.  Finally, we’ll hear from Mr. Craig Floyd of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund with updates about the Memorial, the Museum and Police Week which is now about a month and a half away.