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Officer Radio 2/23/12: Active Shooter Response Evolution

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Join editor, and Officer Radio show host, Frank Borelli, as he and his guest on this week's show discuss the history and evolution of active shooters in the United States. With the earliest violent attack in our schools (that we can find documented) having occurred more than 120 years ago, the violent attacks in our schools haven't ceased; they've simply evolved. The response of law enforcement has evolved along the way but many ask if we are reacting too late and evolving our tactics "behind the curve." That, along with strengths and weaknesses of some tactics, necessary equipment and arms, self-aid, trauma care and more will be the focus of this week's show.

Jason Stoddard, current law enforcement professional, recognized expert in active shooter response and owner/operator of the Warrior Training Group will be the guest on this week's show. With experience across the country training fellow officers in the latest techniques for response, containment and neutralization of active shooter threats, Ofc. Stoddard will discuss and prioritize the crucial items/actions in any law enforcement response.

Tune in this Thursday, 2/23/12, at one p.m. eastern, to Officer Radio here on During that hour you can call in with questions. The number is 866-404-6519 or you can email questions in to the show host: This is a critical topic and it's imperative that we all stay up to date!