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Officer Radio 12/15/11: Off-Duty, Social Media Follow Up and more!

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Listen to Radio today as host and editor, Frank Borelli, is joined by his guests to discuss topics of interest. On today's show he'll be joined first by Christa Miller,'s resident social media expert, to follow up on her previous "appearance" and her recent article about the same topic. Christa and Frank will discuss ways you may not have thought about to leverage the power of social media to enhance your agency's interaction with the community as well as ways that, through proper social media use, you may be able to improve your own personal communications.

Next Frank will be joined by police officer Steve Forgues to talk about safety and survival considerations during off-duty time. Especially during the holiday season it's important to know what your plan will be if you're off-duty and encounter an emergency situation. What do you do if your family is with you? Do they know the plan? Will you get involved? At what point? Listen in or better yet...

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