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Officer Radio 12/8/11: Contemporary Use of Force

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In today’s litigious society, law enforcement professionals have to be aware that everything they do, everything they say, and every way in which they relate to the public they serve can be recorded and analyzed. Sometimes those doing the analysis are simply looking for ways that an officer’s performance can be enhanced through training or refining. Sometimes, though, those doing the analysis are simply looking for a way to criticize the officer – at a minimum – or to file a lawsuit against the officer and his/her agency as a way to make a few quick dollars.

Join Officer Radio host, Frank Borelli and his guest(s), as they take a look back at the Use of Force options law enforcement has had in the past, and how they’ve evolved into what’s available today. Frank and his guest(s) will discuss why that evolution occurred, the strengths and weaknesses (if any) of today’s force options and how the public, in general, may not understand why things are as they are within that list of options. Also discussed will be how the mainstream media often doesn’t report fully on a use of force case, but only on the sensational part to stir up more viewers, thereby increasing ad revenue.

So listen in today, Thursday, 12/8, at 1pm eastern time. Call in live with comments or questions: 866-404-6519. Email comments or questions prior to or during the show to Officer Radio on Tune in!