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Officer Radio 11/10/11: Evolution of SWAT +

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Join us on today's Officer Radio show as your host and Editor, Frank Borelli, takes a look back at the history of SWAT in the United States. When you realize that just fifty years ago there were no SWAT teams in the United States, you have to wonder: what was the impetus that spurred the formation of them? Did they start in one area and spread from there or did they sprout up around the country? If they sprouted up in different areas, were the tactics different? What types of men comprised the original teams?

Those questions and others will be addressed. As always, your calls are welcome. The toll free number is 866-404-6519 or you can email comments to Be sure to tune in: Today, Thursday, November 10th, 2011 at 1pm eastern. Officer Radio on

AND, HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS!! Certainly a number of our country's SWAT officers were Marines... ARE Marines... and we want to acknowledge the Corps' birthday today. (That might be discussed a bit during the radio show today too!)

Tune in... 1pm eastern... Officer Radio on